War Profiteers

By Christopher R Rice

The sources I use for every claim made in this article can be found at the bottom of this article.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, I’ve lived in this country for all of my life and I have never, not once been protected or served, have you?

I’ve been robbed. I’ve been shot at. Beaten up on my way to school. I watched my brother get shot and killed. My wife was raped by a babysitter at the age of three and raped again by her mothers boyfriend when she was only eight years old. And yet the Marines did not show up once. As a matter of a fact my wife’s dad is a high ranking Navy official who married five different women, had numerous children around the world on multiple continents and like my wife he never met or supported any of them. So where were the police? At a Winchell’s doughnut shop? Or a 7/11?

Recently my doctors office stopped accepting cash for payment because they were neither protected or served, they were robbed.

Do you know how much we the people are forced to pay for this protection? Any idea? You would not believe me if I showed you the governments own numbers, it is that staggering, that mind-boggling. And what happened in Las Vegas? Florida? Texas? San Bernardino? Boston Marathon? There’s something really fishy going on here folks. Take a look:

Here’s a hint at what some of this is costing all of us:

The ‘War on Terror’ has cost US taxpayers at least $1.46 trillion since September 11, 2001, the Department of Defense’s cost of war report has revealed. Or: $250 million every day for 16 years.

Here’s a graph:

Let’s get back to our local police force and “to protect and serve”. Because that is the promise which our government and our leaders have made to us, right? To “Protect and to serve” but how many children have been raped and have never, not once been protected, not by the courts, not by the cops, not by anyone, what about the children, don’t we owe them anything, at all?

And things do not seem to be getting any better either instead just the opposite, each day, each passing year is a little worse than the last one, isn’t it?

My fellow Americans, so-called Christians accept all of this and much worse day in and day out convincing themselves that it is just as bad if not worse everywhere else, so why complain.

But nothing could be further from the truth and I’m not going to ask you to take my word for it.  My challenge to you is to try to find one thing that America is better at and not compared to some third world hell hole but to any other industrialized nation. And to your surprise, as it was to mine, you will learn that America is not number one, not even close. Even in things like press freedom or women’s rights, America isn’t close to being number one. From education to science to healthcare and everything in between America is woefully behind. But Americans do spend more on the military than any other ten nations combined. And we sell and export those weapons all around the world.

But who is protecting your children from pedophiles? No one, that’s who. Or from unscrupulous drug dealers? No one again, that’s who. The bullies at school or online? Again, no one is. And for Christsakes man, if our own children are not safe than what the hell are we paying for?

Let’s get these crooks and criminals out of office, oh I know you call them the Democrats and the Republicans right? But tell me this, you voted in the democrats in ’06 and in ’08 to end the war(s), right? How well is that working for you? You got a surge in Iraq and then the war(s) were expanded to Libya, Somalia and Syria. With even more troops sent to Afghanistan, right?. So you voted Republican because they promised to the end the war(s) and put America first, right? But Trump is expanding the war(s) to Iran and China and also sent more troops to Afghanistan. What the fuck is next man?

How much more will my fellow Americans possibly suffer through? Do Christians really care about their own children or are they too satisfied with the status quo? And don’t want to rock the boat. It appears to be a reasonable question since we have saddled our own kids with astronomical debt, while giving ourselves tax cuts, so we can keep the party going. Worse still, there are 2.5 million homeless children and countless American veterans living in cardboard boxes that no one cares about or does anything for.

This message is being brought to you by the People’s Party. It is always nice when any potential conflicts of interest are divulged. Just so you know my biases upfront because I’m not trying to hide anything from you but to be as transparent as possible. I fought the crooks and the criminals for the last 35 years to no avail. But the one thing which I completely and totally failed at was to provide you with a better alternative. I simply did not know that it was my job, sorry folks.

But now a better alternative does exist. We the people can end this charade once and for all. Of course, there’s a catch. Yes, there’s always a catch. What’s the catch? It’s not up to me, it is up to you. I can only offer a better alternative. It is up to you to accept it or reject it. You can only lead a horse to water. You can’t force him to drink.

Thank you for giving me your time and allowing me to be completely honest with you. Where we go from here is completely up to you. To learn more about the People’s Party I’ve compiled it’s history and it’s goals here:

People’s Party or visit the Wikipedia page or the Youtube video.

And you know there is one more catch. I’m going to have to ask you to share this far and wide. Please and thank you.

UPDATE: There is a belief that a People’s Party will simply divide the Democratic Party and give a victory to the Republicans. My first reaction is, “so, who cares if the Democrats win or lose.” But the real answer is that Donald Trump ran as a Tea Party candidate and won the White House even though Republicans had claimed they could never support or vote for Donald Trump. Yet when the Republicans got into that voting booth and had the Donald or Hillary to choose from they easily picked the Donald. True, Trump could not and did not win on the Tea Party ticket but neither does a People’s Party candidate have to. At the same time the Tea Party has won Congressional seats and Senate seats on the Tea Party ticket. So we do not need to be divided and conquered. We need to take the Party back. But while conservatives will donate time and money to build a movement, progressives and liberals are too skeptical, too lazy and too stingy to accomplish much of anything, huh?

NOTICE: I’ve not asked for money or donations just for your help in passing this information out. Author gives permission to reproduce via any medium and gives license to redistribute by any means necessary.

UPDATE2: How can I possibly say: “so, who cares if the Democrats win or lose.” Because, when you put a democrat in the White House the republicans blocked everything he tried to do from closing Gitmo to seating his own Supreme court justice. Yet when the democrats had both houses they gave George W. Bush whatever he wanted from the surge to the bailouts. And now that there is another republican in the White House Sanders and Warren sign whatever Trump puts in front of them, it’s disgusting. And if I was a democrat I’d be disgusted with myself and my party and you should be too.

NOTICE2: Movement to form a People’s Party


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