US Domestic Spy: FBI Paid Me to Trade Sex for Information


An FBI informant sent to infiltrate a California mosque has revealed how his handlers encouraged him to have sexual relations with Muslim women if it meant getting better intel. (ILLUSTRATION: Craig Monteihl, a petty criminal, was recruited by the FBI as an informant as part of post-9/11 surveillance operations. He went undercover as a radical Muslim for 15 months at an Orange County mosque.)

Craig Monteilh was known to members of the Irvine Islamic Center in Orange County as Farouk al-Aziz, a French Syrian who was a devout and, at times, radical Muslim.

However he was really a petty criminal with forgery convictions who was hired by the FBI to go undercover as part of an intelligence surveillance operation after 9/11.

Monteilh went public with the operation after his cover was blown in 2007, which exposed some of the government’s little-known methods of anti-terrorism policing.

Now, in a new interview has given more details about what his mission entailed.

Speaking with HuffPost Live on Monday, Monteilh said he was paid to seek out potential threats and gain ‘personal information’ about such people.

Agents sought him out after he spent some time in prison for using fraudulent checks.

His mission was to obtain email address and phone numbers of anyone suspicious and get the names of any of their associates, which he would then feed back to his FBI handlers.

He also planted some recording devices and was taught ‘how to be Muslim’, he claims.

‘The FBI trained me in the tenets of Islam, in the elementary principles of Arabic, and just to blend into the community and to slowly integrate myself as a Muslim male,’ Monteilh told HuffPost Live.

However Monteilh’s was taken one step further when he claims to have been told to become intimate with some of the women he was mining for information if it meant getting more from them.

‘I portrayed myself as a unmarried male, although I was married,’ he said.

‘Within the Muslim community, they would help me to get a bride, so they would introduce me to single Muslim women.

‘I would go out on dates and things like that.

‘(My FBI handlers) instructed me, if I was getting good intel, to allow it to go into sexual relations.’

In a previous interview with The Guardian, Monteilh confirmed he had sex with at least one of the women he was surveying.

Monteilh claims he received $177,000 tax free from the government for the 15 months of work he did, which equated to over $11,000 each month.

Ironically, senior officials at the Irvine Islamic Center contacted the FBI when Monteih started speaking of jihad and plans to blow up buildings as part of an entrapment technique.

In 2007 the center filed a restraining order against Monteilh, ending the mission.

In retrospect, Monteilh says the money distracted him from what was actually happening.

‘I began to be conflicted because I was spying on innocent people. They were not involved in criminal activity,’ he said.

‘They were not espousing terrorist rhetoric, but I was still spying on them and giving the FBI the information they wanted.’ Source: DailyMail

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