Julian Assange is a hero

By Christopher R Rice

Julian Assange is a hero. Who cares what the intelligence community thinks. They are obviously not that intelligent if they keep getting hacked.

If the intelligence community has a problem with Assange than the American people have a problem with our intelligence community. It means the Democrats are using the US intelligence community against the American people.

Americans trust Assange. The US Intelligence Agencies have been compromised and are corrupt agencies.

The information Assange leaked was of illegal operations of the government and their agencies, they call Assange a traitor for sharing the truth with the public and yet the people who’s crimes he exposed are all still walking free.

The UK lost, appealed, and – lost again. The UN instructed the UK and Sweden to take immediate steps to ensure Mr. Assange’s liberty, protection, and enjoyment of fundamental human rights. No steps have been taken, jeopardizing Mr. Assange’s life, health and physical integrity, and undermining the UN system of human rights protection.

Now, the United Nations has found that the United Kingdom’s request for review of this decision (filed on March 24) was inadmissible; the United Kingdom has now reached the end of the road in its attempt to overturn the ruling. As a member of the Security Council and the United Nations Human
Rights Council, the United Kingdom must respect its commitment to the United Nations, and release Mr. Assange immediately. Now, more than ever, moral leadership is required; maintaining Mr. Assange’s effective detention (which stands at six years as of 7 December, 2016) will only serve to green light future abuses against defenders of free speech and human rights.

Mr. Assange stated “Now that all appeals are exhausted I expect that the UK and Sweden will comply with their international obligations and set me free. It is an obvious and grotesque injustice to detain someone for six years who hasn’t even been charged with an offense.”

Regardless of how you feel about Assange, Wikileaks, or what they choose to release, everyone should be frightened by what appears to be an aggressive government action attempting to silence free speech and suppress important work for transparency and accountability.

The public deserves to know what is happening to Julian Assange. Right now. This affects all of us, and the future of our democracy.

Wikileaks is reporting that their founder Julian Assange’s internet connection “has been intentionally severed by a state party. We have activated the appropriate contingency plans.”

Assange has spent years in the embassy of Ecuador. Read Timeline to learn the key developments in the case. Journalist John Pilger’s article ’Julian Assange: The Untold Story Of An Epic Struggle For Justice’ is to date one of the best accounts of the miscarriages against Assange in this case. More.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed by President Donald Trump has issued arrest warrants for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks reporters

The former British ambassador to Cuba, Paul Webster Hare, wants the British police to invade the Ecuadorian embassy and ferret out Julian Assange – in the name of preserving diplomacy:

“The Ecuadorians have partially cut Assange’s access to the Internet – perhaps until after the election. But that will not solve the problem.

“Now the U.K. legal authorities have to decide whether the precedents Assange has set in handling “stolen” property while residing in a diplomatic mission is sufficient reason to rescind temporarily the inviolable status of Ecuador’s mission.”

In the Bizarro World we live in today, invading the inviolable territory of an embassy is “diplomacy pushing back,” as Ambassador Hare puts it. He goes on to burble: “It’s time for diplomacy to reassert itself in a world that seems increasingly willing to reject consensus-building in favor of stoking nationalist fervor.”

Whatever that means.

So what, exactly, is the rationale for invading what is legally Ecuadorian territory? According to Hare, WikiLeaks has been picking on the United States exclusively, and so it doesn’t really qualify as an advocate of transparency:

“To have an impact, transparency must be applied to every state – not used to bludgeon just one. If it wants to be valued as a window into duplicitous diplomacy, then WikiLeaks should probe the communications of all states.”

Where has the Ambassador been since 2008? As The New Yorker pointed out:

“In December, 2006, WikiLeaks posted its first document: a ‘secret decision,’ signed by Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, a Somali rebel leader for the Islamic Courts Union, that had been culled from traffic passing through the Tor network to China. The document called for the execution of government officials by hiring ‘criminals’ as hit men.”

Assange followed that up by exposing how Kenyan leader Daniel arap Moi had looted his own country. That year, everything from illegal activities engaged in by Cayman Islands banks to the membership lists of the far-right British National Party found their way to the pages of WikiLeaks. The next year it released intercepted phone conversations that exposed the role played by Peruvian politicians who enriched themselves in the “Petrogate” scandal. The first news of a major nuclear accident at the Iranian nuclear facility at Natanz was revealed by WikiLeaks. That year also featured a number of other revelations involving governments other than that of the United States, but let’s move on to some of the major ones in subsequent years: in 2012, WikiLeaks published the Syria files, a compendium of millions of emails sent and received by Syrian government officials and state-owned companies: in 2015, WikiLeaks published the Saudi cables, consisting of thousands of emails, cables, and memoranda by Saudi government officials.

There’s plenty more, but you get the idea. The Ambassador has his head so far up his ass that he can’t think straight. That’s why he’s able to write the following:

“Assange’s actions, if not challenged, threaten core elements of diplomatic practice – like the right of diplomats to secure and unfettered communications – and could negatively impact how diplomacy is practiced around the world.”

What could “negatively impact how diplomacy is practiced around the world” more than the invasion of a country’s embassy by the host nation? Not even the Soviet Union and its Eastern European satellites undertook such an action: when Cardinal Josef Mindszenty was given asylum in the US embassy in Budapest after the crushing of the Hungarian Revolution in 1956, he stayed there for fifteen years, and the Communists didn’t dare touch him. That’s because even they recognized that to violate the sanctity of an embassy would have catastrophic consequences – but not Ambassador Hare. And he has the nerve to invoke the virtues of “diplomacy”!

Hare goes on to speculate that the Ecuadorian government, whose president, Rafael Correa, supports Hillary Clinton and despises Donald Trump, may soon tire of its troublesome guest: like the slimeball he is, Hare says this is “a delicious irony.” One can imagine him licking his lips as he wrote this.

On 3 July 2018, a judge in Ecuador ordered the arrest of Correa after he failed to appear in court during a trial surrounding the kidnapping of a political opponent. Correa, who lived in Belgium at the time, denied the allegations regarding the kidnapping.

And it’s true: Ecuador’s new president has lashed out at WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange even as he contends his government is working behind the scenes to help him out of the Ecuadorean embassy in London.

Lenin Moreno said in a televised interview that Assange had become “more than a nuisance” after he violated terms of his asylum by interfering in other countries’ political affairs.

Ecuador may very well kick Assange out into the street, where the British police have been waiting for years to grab him. The heroic founder of WikiLeaks has never been in greater danger. It’s been reported that Hillary said: “Can’t we just drone this guy?”

The great irony is Donald Trump was elected President but Assange is still not free. It’s hard to imagine Trump putting pressure on the Brits to make him leave the embassy after all, didn’t Trump declare “I love WikiLeaks!”?

We’re living in a Bizarro World, where up is down, right is left, a diplomat argues against the inviolability of embassies, and now after handing the white house to the Republicans they now seek Assange’s arrest.  Yes, it’s weird, but you know what? I kind of like it this way.

From CBS: Assange confirmed late last year that WikiLeaks was approached by a data firm working for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign during the 2016 election.

Assange said on Twitter that Cambridge Analytica had reached out to his group prior to November 2016.

He issued the tweet after news website The Daily Beast reported that Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix reached out to Assange during the presidential campaign about the possible release of 33,000 of Hillary Clinton’s missing emails. Those emails have never been publicly released.

Cambridge Analytica, which uses data mining to microtarget ads based on personality, claimed after the election that it had played a key role in Mr. Trump’s victory. The company was hired by Mr. Trump’s digital director Brad Parscale, although he told “60 Minutes” last month that he doesn’t believe their methods were so essential. According to Open Secrets, the Trump campaign paid Cambridge Analytica $5.9 million during the campaign.

The Trump campaign has long denied any connection with WikiLeaks, although Mr. Trump praised the entity during the campaign and even said he “loved” WikiLeaks.

U.S. Preps Arrest Warrant for Assange
One man has risked his own life for millions to be enlightened.

Whistleblowers are always needed to fend against corruption, what is needed now is a safe secure place for a whistleblower to go with their information without fear for their job, or worse fear for their (and/or their loved one’s) life.

Wikileaks record is reliable 100% of the time, why do we blame those who publish/expose the lies.

JFK was murdered in cold blood before our very eyes and the intelligent community who is responsible still has not released all of the information over 50 years later. The intelligence community failed to protect the president, failed to protect Americans on 9/11, failed to protect us during the Boston Marathon bombing, failed to protect anyone during the Las Vegas massacre, etc. So we owe them nothing.

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Tea Party Takeover

By Christopher R Rice

I was doing research for another article called Order from Chaos and I discovered that most of our government is in the hands of the Tea Party.

Did you realize this? Either did I.

Trump is Tea Party. The whole birther movement was started by the Tea Party. Pompeo is Tea Party. Rubio, McCain, McConnell, Cruz, Sessions and many more are all Tea Party.

So I did some more research and went up to the Tea Parties website to see what they believe. And after hours of reading the Tea Party website I’ve come with their top 100 core beliefs below, not in any particular order.

What does the Tea Party believe? (from the Tea Parties own website)

  1. Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a fake
  2. Obama was really born in Kenya and Michelle is really a man from Cuba also here illegally
  3. Hillary Clinton is an alien lizard king from the nether underworld and she can shape change
  4. Hillary Clinton personally, with her own hands killed Seth Rich, Vince Foster and many others
  5. Donald J. Trump is their Lord and personal savior
  6. All mainstream news is fake, Hollywood is liberal and therefore evil and disgusting
  7.  Muslims are evil, vile creatures that need to be subdued, raped, tortured and exterminated
  8.  Syrians are all rapist who are now prowling Europe looking for their next victim
  9.  Sex is evil, should only be done in the missionary position and only to procreate
  10.  Rapist should be given full parental rights, life starts whenever we choose it to
  11.  Bill and Hillary are running a child prostitution ring out of a Pizza Hut in D.C.
  12.  Global warming is a communist conspiracy to make us less productive and overtake the world
  13.  Gays should be exterminated before they spread their wicked ways
  14.  Pedophilia is okay but marijuana is a dangerous gateway drug
  15.  Schools are a place where lazy people go who don’t want to work
  16. Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy, just misunderstood
  17.  Bullies are people too
  18.  Sex is dirty and should be only done between two people of the opposite sex who are married
  19.  Man and the dinosaurs once shared the earth, before women got here
  20.  Info Wars is honest investigative reporting
  21. America’s technological advances were harvested from aliens found in Roswell, NM.
  22.  Obama plans to run for a third term, declare martial law, take away our guns and is an alien
  23.  The Confederate flag is the national anthem
  24.  Slavery was good for black people because they had full guaranteed employment with health care
  25.  Alcohol is your friend
  26.  Rock and roll causes drug use, teen pregnancies and is a road to hell
  27.  White woman who sleep with black men are unclean and should be shunned
  28.  Prisoners deserve to be raped while in custody
  29.  Every in custody must be guilty of something or they wouldn’t be there
  30.  The police are your friend, cops never lie
  31.  The government is too big yet should always be increased
  32.  Taxes are too high and need to be cut regardless what the national debt is
  33.  Vegetarians are very unhealthy, have vitamin deficiencies and die an early depressing death
  34.  White is always right
  35.  The drug war is winnable
  36.  Torture works and should be standard military and police procedure
  37.  Agent orange is a form of candy that was forced out of business in the 1970’s because of a fake health scare
  38.  Never question authority
  39.  Drinking and driving should not be done by anyone under 16 years old except on Sundays
  40.  Jesus Christ was a liberal pussy
  41.  Everyone should sleep with a loaded gun under their pillow
  42.  Women are second class citizens and the property of their husbands, fathers
  43.  Sex that isn’t between a husband and a wife should only occur in the closet
  44.  Pollution is good, regulations are bad
  45.  Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein attacked us on 9/11
  46.  Iraq and Iran are always trying to acquire nuclear weapons but no one else is
  47.  Israel is our friend and the Arabs are our sworn enemies who need to be wiped off the face of the earth
  48.  Saudi Arabia has a good strong government that should be a model for the rest of the world
  49.  The Tea Party is fighting for the Constitution (or at least for one amendment, can’t seem to recall the others)
  50.  Aerosols and hair sprays can not harm the ozone
  51.  CEO’s deserve their pay, maybe even a pay raise, why not?
  52.  Capitalism is good for everyone. You only have yourself to blame if you’re poor or broke
  53.  Reading and education are a waste of time, get back to work and do something productive
  54.  Idle hands are the devil’s playground. Bill Clinton is the devil, beware.
  55.  Forcing people to wear seat belts, helmets or carry vehicle insurance are all illegal government overreach
  56.  Safety locks on guns are for pussies, guns should always be loaded and left in the reach of children
  57.  Hunting is a sport that can be enjoyed by all ages
  58.  Rush Limbaugh was right. Bernie Sanders is a communist
  59.  FOX news is the only honest news source left
  60.  Rich people work harder and more than poor people do
  61.  Poverty is always the fault of the victim and the result of drugs and or laziness
  62.  Pesticides taste good
  63.  Beer is a breakfast item
  64.  Making death threats against your enemies will always make you feel better about yourself
  65.  Free speech is just wrong
  66.  There’s no need to protest in America because it is a paradise and there is no better place on earth
  67.  The Native Americans asked for it, they had it coming, we did them a favor
  68.  The Nazi’s were not bad people like the fake news always portrays them
  69.  Millions of Jews did not die during world war two, the gas ovens were Allied propaganda tools
  70.  Russia is our friend, was our Allie in world war one, world war two and now in the war on terror
  71.  It is not racist to judge a whole race of people based on the actions of a few, it is just good common sense
  72.  Only blacks, coloreds and democrats commit crimes. All police brutality is the victims fault
  73.  Christians are the best people on the planet and can always be trusted
  74.  Obama derangement syndrome is a real and treatable disease that should be covered by insurance companies
  75.  Work is good, having too much free time is bad and leads to masturbation which is bad
  76.  Snitching is good for you and good for the country
  77.  Vote early and vote often even in the same election
  78.  Voter ID’s and fully digital voting is the answer
  79.  Fasting is for poor people
  80.  Elections are all rigged by illegals
  81.  Cuba is responsible for all of the drugs coming into the United States
  82.  The democratically elected president of Syria is a dictator
  83.  Mixing big business and big government together not only makes for some tasty fascism but also makes some delicious white nationalism on the side
  84.  Abortions should only be performed with a coat hanger in a back alley by an unlicensed layman
  85.  ObamaCare is socialism and must be abolished
  86.  All Mexicans are rapist
  87.  Grapes are meant to be eaten in the grocery store only
  88.  “Rightwing nutjob” is a compliment. College teachers are all liberal loonies destroying America
  89.  Jimmy Carter building homes for the homeless makes no sense at all because all homeless people want to be homeless in the first place
  90.  The are no homeless U.S. veterans in America that is an awful propaganda lie spread by RT
  91.  Endangered species should be treated with pest control
  92.  Plants love Brawndo
  93.  WWE wrestling is real, CNN is fake
  94.  My best friend is my pistol
  95.  Judge your neighbors and spread dirty rumors about them before they can do it to you
  96.  Butterflies are delicious, pigeons are rats with wings, meat is the best food for you
  97.  Democrats are bad for the country
  98.  Homosexuality can be cured
  99.  Ronald Reagan was the best president America ever had until Donald Trump
  100.  Salmonella is a food additive, asbestos makes for good insulation

Although the Tea Party is not a party in the classic sense of the word, research has shown that members of the Tea Party Caucus vote like a third party in Congress. Source: Wikipedia

What is the Tea Party? The Tea Party is the alt-right of the Republican party. And they have hijacked the Republican party and the country. My whole life I’ve watched as the Republicans pulled the Democrats further and further to the right. Which has created a one party system, of, for and by the super rich. With no one standing up for the working man.

Obama promised “change” but only maintained the status quo. Trump promises the same but his policies are requiring bailouts already, what’s next? And even if Trump does succeed his policies will only serve to make the rich a lot richer and the poor even poorer. And I’m tired of watching American voters get duped by these pied pipers.

Every time Trump distracts the national media with one of his ass clown acts you can bet that an environmental protection was just put on the chopping block. Along with your retirement, clean air, clean water, your pensions, workers rights and consumer protections. And all in the name of freeing up big business under the con game that the corporations responsible for raping the environment will now protect it at their own expense. Much like the tax cuts for the super rich will trickle down lies.

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