Survival skills

Buying survival gear shouldn’t cost you a lot of money. Early Native Americans and other cultures in the world survived without expensive sporting goods and outfitters.

Here are survival skills to learn now … as well as several ways to apply these skills … when all Hell breaks loose.


1.) A “micro torch” isn’t a tool commonly touted by survivalists. But we live in the modern age — there’s no reason we can’t use modern tools.

A micro torch relies on fuel; when your fuel runs out, you have no more flame. You need back-up fuel (butane in this case) if you want several month’s use in an extended survival situation.

2.) There are a lot of portable water filters on the market. A popular brand can do a good job filtering water and withstand long term use.

Portable water filters do not remove chemicals and so none are a complete solution to water. Outside of a city following a collapse local water sources may be contaminated with any number of chemicals as industrial run-off leeches into ground water, making this water unsafe to drink, even with a water filter.

3.) One of the things a person will learn in U.S. Special Forces survival training is that squirrels, rabbits, and other small mammals can make a quick meal. In the wilderness, all you need to know is how to read the ground around you and recognize areas that small mammals are likely to travel. Then set up a number of small, simple traps around the area (dead falls, snares, etc) and simply wait for traps to spring.

My guess is people will be eating their pets and then turn to corpses and then each other.

4.) A survival knife for a worst case scenario and you find yourself living in a lawless land and need a serious knife for self defense.

5.) A good multi-tool is essential to urban survival, is made of stainless steel, and can withstand years’ of use.

6.) A miniature flashlight can be carried on you for use in any emergency or other required need. Spare batteries.

7.) A survival garden, farm animals, plenty of land, hunting and fishing are things to consider. As far as water is concerned, a river, a well and the setup to harvest rainwater will ensure you and your family can quench your thirst completely off-grid.

8.) Medicine (make no mistake about it, you will get sick post-collapse) Aloe Vera gel to treat burns, antibiotic cream, alcohol pads, soap, N95 masks, Tylenol, gauze, tape, peroxide.

9.) Water, because it’s more important than food.

10.) Canned fruits and veggies, canned fish, canned beans or chili.

11.) Put a warning sign out front that says: “Caution: Traps Set for Intruders — No Trespassing”

12.) Survival seeds. (Stock up now, while you still can.)

13.) Cash. Immediately following a financial crash, banks will close and plastic will be worthless. Eventually hyperinflation will make cash worthless too but in the short term cash will be king.

14.) Generator/gas.


When engaged in hand-to-hand combat, your life is always at stake.

There is only one purpose in combat, and that is to kill your enemy. Never face an enemy with the idea of knocking him out.

The chances are extremely good that he will kill you instead.

When a weapon is not available, one must resort to the full use of his/her natural weapons. The natural weapons are:

1.) The knife edge of your hands.

2.) Fingers folded at the second joint or knuckle.

3.) The protruding knuckle of your second finger.

4.) The heel of your hand.

5.) Your boot

6.) Elbows

7.) Knees

8.) and Teeth.

Attacking is a primary factor. A fight was never won by defensive action. Attack with all of your strength.

At any point or any situation, some vulnerable point on your enemies body will be open for attack. Do this while screaming as screaming has two purposes.

1.) To frighten and confuse your enemy.

2.) To allow you to take a deep breath which, in turn, will put more oxygen in your blood stream.

Your balance and balance of your enemy are two important factors; since, if you succeed in making your enemy lose his balance, the chances are nine to one that you can kill him in your next move.

The best over-all stance is where your feet are spread about shoulders width apart, with your right foot about a foot ahead of the left. Both arms should be bent at the elbows parallel to each other. Stand on the balls of your feet and bend your waist slightly. Kind of like a boxer’s crouch.

Employing a sudden movement or a scream or yell can throw your enemy off-balance.

There are many vulnerable points of the body. We will cover them now:

Eyes: Use your fingers in a V-shape and attack in gouging motion.

Nose: (Extremely vulnerable) Strike with the knife edge of the hand along the bridge, which will cause breakage, sharp pain, temporary blindness, and if the blow is hard enough, death. Also, deliver a blow with the heel of your hand in an upward motion, this will shove the bone up into the brain causing death.

Adam’s Apple: This spot is usually pretty well protected, but if you get the chance, strike hard with the knife edge of your hand. This should sever the wind-pipe, and then it’s all over in a matter of minutes.

Temple: There is a large artery up here, and if you hit it hard enough, it will cause death. If you manage to knock your enemy down, kick him in the temple, and he’ll never get up again.

Back of the Neck: A rabbit punch, or blow delivered to the base of the neck can easily break it, but to be safe, it is better to use the butt of a gun or some other heavy blunt object.

Upper lip: A large network of nerves are located. These nerves are extremely close to the skin. A sharp upward blow will cause extreme pain, and unconsciousness.

Ears: Coming up from behind an enemy and cupping the hands in a clapping motion over the victims ears can kill him immediately. The vibrations caused from the clapping motion will burst his eardrums, and cause internal bleeding in the brain.

Groin: A very vulnerable spot. If left open, get it with knee hard, and he’ll buckle over very fast.

Kidneys: A large nerve that branches off to the spinal cord comes very close to the skin at the kidneys. A direct blow with the knife edge of your hand can cause death.

There are many more ways to kill and injure an enemy, but these should work best for the average person. This is meant only as information and I would not recommend that you use this for a simple High School Brawl.

Use these methods only, in your opinion, if your life is in danger.

Any one of these methods could very easily kill or cause permanent damage to someone. One more word of caution, you should practice these moves before using them on a dummy, or a mock battle with a friend.

(You don’t have to actually hit him to practice, just work on accuracy.)

Economic Collapse and the Digitization Of All Trade By Brandon Smith Alt-Market

People need to understand the threat is at their doorstep. It’s not a few years off or a decade away; it’s here now. We are right in the middle of collapse.

The appearance of prosperity means nothing if the fundamentals do not support the optimism. That is to say, a bullish stock market, a high dollar index and a low unemployment percentage mean nothing if such stats are generated by false methods and fiat.

I relate these points because the future I am about to suggest here might sound outlandish to some, because it is so contrary to the “official” accounting of our current financial world.

The stock market, the greatest false indicator of all time, is on the verge of implosion; and the banking elites are positioning themselves to avoid blame for this implosion while the rest of us are being sold on the most elaborate recovery con-game ever conceived.

The globalists have stretched the whole of the world thin.  They have removed almost every pillar of support from the edifice around us, and like a giant game of Jenga, are waiting for the final piece to be removed, causing the teetering structure to crumble.  Once this calamity occurs, they will call it a random act of fate, or a mathematical inevitability of an overly complex system.  They will say that they are not to blame.  That we were in the midst of “recovery”.  That they could not have seen it coming.

Their solution will be predictable.

In our highly interdependent system in the West in which more than 80 percent of the population has been domesticated and is psychologically incapable of self-reliance, it is very likely that a disruption of normal supply chains and services would result in considerable poverty and death. Such a threat would invariably lead frightened and unprepared people to demand increased government controls so that they can return to the level of comfort they have grown accustomed to.

The elites will argue that the banks and bankers are not necessarily to blame. Rather, they will accuse the “system” of being too complex and chaotic, leaving itself open to greed, stupidity and overall unconscious sabotage. The fact that the crisis was engineered from the very beginning will never be mentioned.

The more independent elements within any system, the more chance there is for unpredictable events that lead to supposed disaster. Ostensibly, the solution would be to streamline all systems and remove the free-radicals. That is to say, complete centralization is the answer. What a surprise.

What this means on a micro-level is the activation of bail-ins; that is to say, the legalized confiscation of bank accounts, pension funds, stock holdings, etc. as a method for prolonging a collapse event. We have seen this already to some extent in Europe, and it will happen in the U.S..

While the initial scenario we face in America will be one of stagflation, many necessities and the means to produce those necessities will skyrocket in cost.  There may not be inflation in every sector of the economy because imploding demand could offset some of the effects of falling currency value, but there will be extreme inflation in the areas that hurt common people most.