Snitches pictures and locations

It does not matter, at school, at work or at play, everybody hates a snitch. Simply scroll down, click link and see snitches living in your area. (You pry have one sitting next to you right now.)

Whereabouts and status of informants and ‘snitches’ who are cooperating with, or working for, the State in effort to monitor and/or repress resistance movements. Sadly, the names on this list are people who can never be trusted again in activist circles or resistance movements.

We only post information that can be verified to the greatest extent possible through public documents—in most cases, their plea agreements.

Types of Informants Listed:

Undercover Agent/Infiltrator: A law enforcement officer who uses an assumed name or fake identity to infiltrate a movement or organization to gather information or evidence.

Informant: Individuals who are not employed as law enforcement agents who provide law enforcement agents with information, often in exchange for money.

Cooperating Witness: Similar to informants, except that cooperating witnesses usually agree to ‘flip’ or ‘snitch’ after being threatened with prosecution. Click name/link for pictures and locations, below.

What can you do to stop people from snitching on you?  Below is a list of snitches with links to their pictures and their locations. You can support a free press with an occasional buck or two to help keep this list online and up-to-date, because the one thing that snitches hate more than anything else is publicity.

But what else can you do?  Don’t be cheap and stingy donate a dollar. Also read:  Control of Information  so you can stop snitching on yourself. Also:  How to find out who’s a snitch  and  10 Ways to Spot an Informant  and  How the cops are tracking you and  No Warrant No Problem and   How to Beat Police Investigations  and  Criminal defenses (How to beat your court case) All free of charge. And  7 Fugitives who Became Folk Heroes, How I Lost my friends

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In no particular order, snitches:

Shahed Hussain

Oscar Moriel

Fernando Perez

David Kaczynski/Linda Patrik

Carl Ferrer

Tyler Jay Barton

Dusty Hammond

Lindsey Hanks

Rick Gates

Jaylen Stringer

Rashied Hicks

George Hincapie, Tyler Hamilton and Floyd Landis

April Collins

Reza Zarrab

Devin Akamichi

Nicholas Shires

Marcus Craig Faulk

Walt Disney

Sammy “the Bull” Gravano

Ronald Reagan

Al Sharpton

Elia Kazan

Henry Hill

Ralph Natale

Kobe Bryant

Peter Chiodo    

Francesco Marino Mannoia

Salvatore Vitale  

Linda Tripp

Phil Leonetti

Alphonse “Little Al” D’Arco

John Franzese Jr.

Ralph Guarino

Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme

Michael and Lori Fortier

Joseph Massino

Leroy “Nicky” Barnes

Lil Cease

Robert Cooley

Jose Canseco

Anthony Casso

Andrew DelGiorno

Ray Ferritto

James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond

Primo Cassarino

Mickey Featherstone  

Dana Ridenour, aka Dana Riley

Jacob “Jake” Ferguson

Stanislas “Stan” Gregory Meyerhoff, also went by “Jack”

Jennifer Lynn Kolar aka “Diver,”

Lacey Phillabaum

Suzanne Nicole Savoie aka “India”

Sarah “Kendall” Harvey Tankersley

Chelsea Dawn Gerlach

Darren Todd Thurston aka “Goat”

Kevin Tubbs

Briana Waters

Ryan Lewis

Lauren Weiner

Zachary Jensen

Justin Clayton Samuel

David Agranoff


Angela “Angie” Marie Cesario

Jeremy David Rosenbloom

Jacob “Jake” David Bardwell Sherman

Stephanie Lynne Fultz

Aren Bernard Burthwick

Trapper James Zuehlke

William “Billy” Jensen Cottrell

Ian Jacob Wallace

Nicole “Nikki” Stanford

Daniel Kruk

Frank Brian Ambrose

Bryan Dennis Kennedy

Marco Jorge Valverde

Camisha Singleton

Cesar Chacon

ChaKia Harkins

Christine Paul

Jay Catapano

Rebecca “Becky” Lutz

Robert Douglas Carroll

Christopher A. Lein

Jade Marie Olson

Johnathan Watson

Luke Salamone

Maureen Castillo

Mooney Todd

Omar Martin

Robin Gallner

Hector Xavier Monsegur “Sabu”

Shelby Lee

Stevie Bunch Jr.

Daniel A Lind

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