SNITCH: Rachael Munoz Tonche

SNITCH: Rachael Munoz Tonche 5′ 2″, 223lbs., DOB: 08/13/1975

333 E. Castlewood Dr. Granite Shoals, TX. 78654

Just released, snitches on everyone. Works as a CNA.

But what can you do to stop snitches?  Here’s a list of snitches with pictures and locations. Also read:  Control of Information  so you can stop snitching on yourself. Also:  How to find out who’s a snitch  and  10 Ways to Spot an Informant  and  How the cops are tracking you and  No Warrant No Problem  and  Criminal defenses (How to beat your court case) And to inspire you:  7 Fugitives who Became Folk Heroes, How I Lost my friends

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