Prostitution Stings & Undercover cops

By Christopher R Rice

Undercover cops don’t have to tell you they’re a cop. That’s a myth.

If every cop had to answer truthfully when asked if they were a cop, sting operations wouldn’t get very far now would they?

How do police stings work?

A sampling of the current ads found nearly three-quarters were duplicates, spam or scams.

Some ads on the internet are posted by law enforcement agencies hoping to catch individuals who are looking to receive sexual services or individuals who are providing sexual services. The main target for these law enforcement agencies are those consumers seeking to obtain sexual services from underage women; however, even those consumers who are not seeking underage women nor have any intention of being with an underage woman can still fall prey to the operation.

The room is completely bugged with audio and video equipment. Once the customer arrives at the location, the decoy will really try to press you hard for a specific sex act and name a price.

Once the john produces the cash a bunch of pigs open the door, and come to find out it was a sting ad with an undercover cop chick.

10 ways to beat any undercover sting

When you are trying to avoid police stings only two things matter.

First, know and understand the law.

Second, realize the police don’t always follow their own rules.

The law for prostitution stings specifically says that the john must (1) name a sex act, (2) name a price and (3) produce the cash to show that he intended to carry through with the act.

So the trick when calling a girl that you don’t know is to only ask her location and availability. It is legal to pay someone for their time so it is also okay to ask the price over the phone. Nothing else should be discussed.

The problem is that the police don’t always follow their own rules. And when you show up with the cash you may still be arrested. The charges would have to be thrown out in court but no one wants to go through all of that. So follow the rules below and you can beat any police sting AND NEVER GET CAUGHT! 

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