Street names: Angel Dust, Sherm Stick

Phencyclidine (PCP) is available as a veterinary anesthetic from Parke, Davis, and Company, and is called Setnyl. PCP has become a popular drug to mix with LSD and marijuana. It is inexpensive to manufacture so a lot of rip-off people sell it as mescaline or psilocybin. Low doses produce sedation and numbness. Other effects are muscular uncoordination, double vision, dizziness, and sometime nausea and vomiting. It effects the body rather than the mind and lasts about four hours. "If you are not stupid already, "angel dust" is a good way to get there!"- Lancelot Clokey

SHERM STICK: Tobacco mixed with weed, dipped in PCP


is short for sherman, and in the late 60's until about the early 80's people would take PCP (angel dust) and sprinkle the powder (dust) on a joint and would call it a Sherman.

PCP is a yellow oily substance that in pure form is typically dissolved in petroleum, diethyl ether or another substance.  When mixed with hydrogen chloride gas, PCP will turn into a white or tan colored crystalline powder known as PCP hydrochloride.  In this form, PCP is then administered into various drugs such as pills, crushed and snorted or injected to produce the euphoric effects and feelings of dissociation.

Angel dust is a great high, like walking on clouds with a sort of tunnel vision, I mean really on clouds or big pillows, kinda floating and in a good mood.

The drug is often laced into pills such as ecstasy or other capsules.  In the powder form, users may smoke PCP using a pipe or a cigarette.  PCP is often mixed with water to create what is known on the streets as “embalming fluid” and then the liquid is dripped on a cigarette.  When dry, the cigarette is smoked to produce the euphoric effects and hallucinogenic high that the user is trying to achieve.

PCP can be snorted or injected.  When in powder form, also known as angel dust, very small amounts of the drug snorted through the nose produce an immediate effect.




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  • typically produce feelings of joy (euphoria)
  • and less inhibition, similar to being drunk.
  • Shallow breathing, Redness of skin, Excessive sweating, Poor co-ordination
  • Hallucinations, Seizures, Coma’s, Nausea/ vomiting,
  • Blurred vision/dizziness, Drooling, Loss of balance
  • Numbness, Slurred speech, Loss of co-ordination, Blank stare,
  • Rapid and involuntary eye movements, Exaggerated walk
  • Feeling of detachment, Anxiety, Paranoia, Sound hallucinations,
  • Distorted visual images, Mood swings

In higher doses:

  • can cause numbness throughout the body,
  • and perception changes that may lead
  • to extreme anxiety and violence.

Large doses:

  • may produce paranoia, "hearing voices"
  • (auditory hallucinations), and other forms of
  • psychosis, similar to schizophrenia.
angel dust

How long will this drug stay in my system?

PCP 30 days

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