Out-of-pocket is a pimp term. The term’s most common definition: to lay out one’s own money. As in: “The pimpin’ incurred various out-of-pocket expenses.” PIMP slang for when a hoe starts actin up.

A wealthy or stealthy person might have a politician “in his pocket,” meaning under his control.

A primarily American meaning of “out of pocket,” “to be unavailable,” traces to a 1908 O. Henry story, the OED says: “Just now she is out of pocket. And I shall find her as soon as I can.”

One more: The American Slang Dictionary (yes, a different slang dictionary) defines “out of pocket” as “out from under someone’s control; not manageable. This ho is wild. Completely out of pocket.”

The police man who is in someone’s pocket might be “lining his pockets” with the proceeds of that relationship. That gift card Aunt Maude gave you for graduation might be “burning a hole in your pocket,” meaning you’re eager to use it. And if you have “deep pockets,” you might have enough money to share with others.

When you do sometin’ outta pocket it means you did something hella fucked up or stupid.

If the ho (whore) is out of pocket that means she is out of line. It could be talking back, not making enough dough (money), scheming behind her pimp’s back, or any other non-compliant things. This term can be used for other out of line people that may or may not be worthy enough to be called a ho.

WillFreeman: The pimp game we’re talking about here is not human trafficking, but thewilling submission of a prostitute to a pimp in America over the last 200 years. Traditional pimping in America is similar to a secret society with its own rituals, language and oral tradition called “the book”.

The pimp game was born in the underworld which is a microcosm of the overworld, except the players are better informed, sharper, and more ruthless. The underclass have long since discarded the morality of squares, knowing full well that the overworld wasn’t meant for them, they have no middle-class illusions about the dark side of human nature.

Black men in America until recent history had few options for financial success so instead of traditional avenues, many turned to the underground economy which would allow them more success and dignity than a low-paying square job. Black men have long been fiercely resistant to working a chump job for a white boss which they saw correctly as a return to slavery.

Running a hustle or “game” was seen as the only way to retain their manhood in a world built to keep them down. That game could be conning, dope dealing, thieving or pimping. Pimps were looked on as the ultimate hustler because they had the money, the women, the clothes and got it all through game not violence. The ideal pimp was seen as a gentleman of leisure who would solve problems with game instead of violence, who would control women mentally instead of using force.

The rules to the game of pimping were passed on in pieces to each new generation on the condition that the wannabe pimp had to earn the information from the seasoned veteran or through mistakes of their own. Either way the wannabe had to be, that he learned that the game was to be sold not told.

Pimps, unlike what most people assume, don’t keep their women because of how good they are in bed. Pimping is a mental game and a pimp needs a razor sharp mind to control women who make a living out of separating men from their money. It’s not about violence either, using violence means you’ve run out of game. A true, by-the-book pimp aims to solve all his problems through his pimping.

Contrary to popular belief, a ho is not forced into the game by a pimp, most ho’s are already planning on selling their body before she meets a pimp because she wants to ho. Forcing her into the game would be unsustainable because the pimp would eventually end up in jail for trafficking or have his ho run off when he’s not around. True by-the-book pimps don’t force women to do anything, women choose to be with them. This is hard for most people to believe.

A lot of people think the girl needs the pimp to protect her, and while the pimp does provide protection, it’s more of an illusion than a reality. The pimp spends most of his time away from the track, and doesn’t go anywhere near a girl and her john, the ho for the most part is on her own if anything happens and at best can call the pimp.

Pimps and hos see the game everywhere, pimp owners selling dreams to employees in exchange for money, ho employee’s selling products to trick customers in exchange for money. The world is filled with pimps, hos and tricks andthe elite pimp on all of us. To get a better understanding of the game we need to start with the history of pimping:

The actual history of pimping can be traced to freed slaves who had no other way of making money outside of the underground economy. They knew their former masters still had a taste for black women so they started selling them. The pimp game was known as the sporting life, presenting the pimp as a gentleman of leisure, modeled on 19th century white aristocrats.

Pimps had a stable of women similar to an aristocrat owning horses or dogs for racing, he was a dandy who spent a lot of his day resting and dressing. To this day top quality whores are referred to as thoroughbreds or stallions, they also can be referred to as bitches because female dogs were also raced. The street where hos work is called the track in reference to the racetrack. Over time the rules for managing women were developed and passed down orally with the first exposure of them to the public in Iceberg Slim’s seminal novel “Pimp”.

The roots of the term game to describe guys who are good with women comes specifically from the pimp game, many of today’s pick up artist tactics and phrases are just watered down pimping. To the pimp, game represents everything in life, you can either play or get played depending on if you follow the rules of the game. In the game you’re either a pimp or a ho, a slave or a master, a boss or a worker. According to pimps everyone games everyone in American society. Game represents self interest or the true American religion: materialism.

In the pimp game a pimp gets a ho sprung not just on himself but on the game. That’s why a ho leaves a pimp and chooses another pimp, the game is that strong. Everyone involved is a slave to the game, slaves to fast money, slaves to the night life, slaves to street fame.

Contrary to popular belief, pimps don’t get their women hooked on drugs, because then the drugs would be pimping them and the dopeman would get their money. He gets the ho hooked on himself and on the game.

A pimp is as outcome driven as he is process driven, meaning his rules and standards of game mean more to him than any ho. This is because he knows his pimping and reputation is the source of all his power. A pimp learns a ho has to choose him, if he tries to force her he diminishes his power and the ho runs off the first chance she gets. When she chooses it means she accepts all his rules and worships him as he is.

To pimp effectively he has to control his desires, the only desire he can indulge openly and with abandon is the desire for power. The pimp has to keep his dick “in his pocket” which represents sexual control and the fact that his pocket is where the money is, he effectively flips the script on his hos making them the trick who pays for a fantasy being fulfilled. The pimp is the only man not immediately interested in sexual gratification, and that makes the ho respect him, in fact he becomes the only man she can respect as she eventually starts to see all men as tricks.

A pimp receives 100% of a ho’s money. From a pimps point of view he justifies getting all of her money because she gets all of his pimping.

Even if a ho was to keep her own money she wouldn’t be able to manage it. The ho is fundamentally damaged, if she managed her own money she would work the bare minimum and spend everything on drugs, clothes and frivolous toys. Also a ho doesn’t want control over her life, that’s part of what makes her a ho. She wants to give that control to a man who will take care of her, that’s why a ho leaves a pimp for another pimp.

The ho loves her pimp because he is the only man who can have a relationship with a prostitute without judgement. In the ho’s mind the pimp is the first person who believed in her, who understood her and who convinced her they were heading for greatness together.

Ho’s have a constant void in their life and welcome any distraction be it attention, love, drugs, drama, and sex. The pimp fulfills a ho’s needs she can’t get met anywhere else.

The downside of a ho’s adoration of the pimp is their eventual disillusionment with him and resentment of their constant work hours with little in return, similar to the common employee working to make his boss rich while he just gets by every month. 

The trick is addicted to sexual fantasies, he pays for what a real man should get for free, that’s why a ho can’t respect him. The reason he’s called a trick is not because he pays for sex but because he pays for the illusion of the woman enjoying it.

Pimps know that if a ho marries a trick she can never fully respect him due to his desperation and lack of understanding of her. He would have trouble with her past leading to fights, tension and angry outbursts with him ending up calling her a whore. A ho will never be able to love a trick.

A pimp makes sure he gets paid every day by his women, otherwise he becomes a trick to them. Pimps have a high amount of sexual discipline and try to keep sex with their hos to a minimum, they give their hos sex as a reward, in effect they’ve completely reversed the game on women. What the trick is to the whore, the whore is to the pimp: a customer. Using economic terms again, the pimp creates a scarcity mindset when it comes to letting whores have sex with him: he makes himself a scarce commodity and keeps his value high by having sex with his whores as little as possible.


The entire pimp game is based around hos choosing a pimp. A common misconception is that a pimp forces women to ho for them, in reality a woman has to choose a pimp.

This means a pimp needs to keep his style, swagger, car, house and game sharp at all times. Hos won’t give their mind, body and soul to the average square. A pimp has to set himself apart at all times.

The pimp has to know everything about his ho. He has to know what motivates her, what causes her pain, what her insecurities are so he can use them to motivate her to produce for him. The more a pimp knows about a ho, the better he can manipulate her.

Once chosen, a pimp has to break a ho down, similar to how the military breaks down recruits or employers train new employees.

The pimp gets 100% of a ho’s money. In return the pimp pays for everything in a ho’s life from rent to groceries but the pimp decides what, when, where and how much he gives her.

A pimp thinks of himself as a lion, in the animal kingdom the lion does no hunting but is the first to eat. The lion’s sole responsibility is protection of his family from other predators, namely other male lions. The pimp always comes first and is always respected above his hos. It means a ho needs to act right and not get “out of pocket”, that means no looking or talking to other pimps without asking, it means a pimp is always right and a ho is expected to respect him at all times.

It means she’s expected to follow his program to the letter, that could be lighting his cigarette, pulling the chair out for him at a restaurant or whatever she’s been instructed to do. A pimp always puts himself first knowing that is the only way women will follow him.

A Gorilla pimp is usually an ex gangster who relies on violence. They aren’t respected by true pimps and won’t be served because the pimp knows to expect violent retaliation against both him and his new ho.

A true pimp is only supposed to love himself and the game, as long as he puts himself first and follows the rules of the game he’s said to be pimping by the book. If he starts to develop feelings for a particular ho, he’s said to be leaking game. A pimp can’t afford falling in love with his hos because that weakness would allow him to be manipulated like a trick and will cost him hos and his money. A pimp gets high on pimping, a pimp’s true love is himself and the pimp game, falling in love with a ho is a luxury a pimp can’t afford.

The bottom bitch is the pimps right hand. She has generally been with him the longest and is effectively the manager to his CEO position. She handles a lot of the day-to-day work with hos as well as training and recruiting new prostitutes. How much authority she is delegated depends on how loyal and capable she is. The bottom woman is usually in love with the pimp and dreams they will retire together and live a square life off of what they earned in the game.

Hos are lost little girls who believe the pimp will love and take care of them. Many hos choose a pimp because they can’t manage their money or their life and want someone else to. The ho depends on the pimp for daily instruction ranging from what to do with tricks, how to make more money to how to achieve her life goals. The ho lives and dies by the pimp’s direction and instruction, sometimes literally.

If a pimp fails to check a ho properly she’ll find another pimp who will. A good pimp is able to check a woman without using violence, by resorting to violence it means a pimp has run out of game.

The pimps power comes from putting himself first. It means he holds himself to a higher standard and expects others to as well, that’s why he always has to be ready to fire a ho who won’t respect his program.

The world is filled with pimps and ho’s. Pimps in the form of wealthy families and their agents sit at the top of the banking/governmental/industrial complex. The rest of us underneath are hoing for them through interest, debt, wage slavery and taxes, unfortunately that’s a situation we have to accept.

Most men are caught in a web of sold dreams, from marriage to patriotism to their job. Even in their dreams most men are hos, dreaming about becoming a professional athlete. The athlete is drafted by his owner who works him until he drops while the rabid fans trick off on star worship believing that they have an effect on the team’s success. The athlete will take his hoing international putting himself and his owners brand on billboards and advertisements.

The athlete holds on to fading glory past what his body can handle because he’s addicted to the game. In the same way a ho leaves a pimp for another pimp, an athlete leaves an owner for another owner.

A human being was not evolved to work a desk job for 50 hours a week, but we’ve been programmed to do just that, and have been sold a dream so hard that we focus our whole lives on advancing our level of servitude. Moving from account manager to division manager from associate to VP makes no difference, you are still hoing.  If you work a job, your boss is your pimp, you are a ho, if you believe one word he tells you about your future that is not you being a wage slave then you are buying a dream.

When you go back to work tomorrow recognize the game for what it is, the owner is your pimp, your division manager is his bottom woman who keeps the place running for an extra $15,000 a year, and you are the ho. You live month to month with nothing to show for it.

A soldier will fight and die in a foreign country for $50,000 a year so our elite can control more oil and territory because he believes in a dream. That’s how strong pimping is, compared to his sacrifice what a ho does for her pimp is nothing. You need to remember your government and your employer do not have your best interests at heart, they are your pimp and you are their ho.

Hos believe in dreams, you need to believe in yourself. Ho’s need someone to manage their life, their business, their finances, you only need yourself. If you’re not a pimp then why play the game, only a king enjoys the castle, a slave is still a slave, even in a nice castle.

The only thing worse than being a ho is being a trick, being a trick means you don’t pay for your dreams with just your time, you pay for them with your time and your money.

You need to recognize your trick tendencies and control them. Being a trick means you get sold dreams by pimps and hos. From the government, to teachers, to advertisers to the media you’re being sold dreams on how to think, how to live, and how to act. Don’t think that any of it isn’t deliberate, that we have less propaganda than other countries from other time periods. We are raised as Cultural Marxists at the shrine of personal materialism dictated by wealthy elites, enforced by the government, police and corporatocracy.

Feminism teaches women to try to chase a male ideal of power, money and status. To forsake their traditional power base, which is the cradle and the kitchen. For a small minority of dominant, non-maternal women this is a better system but not for the average women. She now has to work a low paying slave job for 50 hours a week and then come home and raise children while our elites get two slaves per household instead of one.

Men don’t just “give” power to women, women actively and traditionally take it through superior mental moves. When it comes to sexual games, men are still playing checkers while women have always been playing chess.

Pimps reverse the typical female-male sexual dynamic back on the woman by withholding sex and approval from the woman and doling it out as a reward for good behavior and compliance, something most men don’t have the self-discipline to do.

Recognize game, understand that politicians, corporations, bankers and the media are pimping on you. Don’t buy the dreams they sell you. Recognize women will always be running game on you and testing your leadership, don’t believe the dreams they sell you.