Never Forget

By Christopher R Rice

Let us never forget:

New York Prison Guard was only suspended for waterboarding prisoners, torturing inmates.

Lt. Troy Mitchell — who was working as a prison guard since 1986 — is currently under investigation for pouring buckets of water over the mouths and noses of prison inmates, New York Daily News reported.

In several other instances, Mitchell was accused of directing various forms of torture toward prisoners’ genitals. According to civil court documents filed against Mitchell in Albany Supreme Court, he beat prisoner Matthew Raymond on Sept. 14, 2016, so savagely that the latter was left without the ability to urinate on his own.

“Relentless in his attack, Lt. Mitchell then directed a corrections officer to spread Mr. Raymond’s legs apart, after which the lieutenant forcefully grabbed and twisted Mr. Raymond’s testicles and penis, and called him a ‘stupid little b—h,’” Raymond’s lawyer wrote in the lawsuit. Source: IBT

Never forget:

the police can beat up your grandmother on the side of a highway and get away with it.

A California family says it intends to file a civil rights lawsuit after video surfaced of a California Highway Patrol officer repeatedly punching a woman in the face on the side of the highway. The woman, 51-year-old grandmother Marlene Pinnock, was unarmed. According to the arrest report, the woman, who is allegedly homeless, was walking along the road and became “physically combative,” CBS News reports. She’s been deemed a “5150,” according to KTLA, which refers to the California welfare code under which mentally ill people are confined if they are a danger to themselves or others.

“It’s our opinion that the CHP officer is the one who is a danger to others,” one civil rights lawyer said. “We believe he fits the criteria of 5150.” The officer has been suspended with pay, and police say they’re investigating. “The tape only shows a small part of what transpired,” one CHP official said. “There were events that led up to this.” The family has also questioned the care Pinnock is receiving at a South LA hospital; her daughter complains that for a week, police wouldn’t let them see her.

Never forget:

if you are paranoid schizophrenic and living on the streets, maybe self medicating and your hands are raised and you’re following every command from the police officer you will be beaten to a pulp, murdered in cold blood and the cops will walk.

A jury has acquitted police officers Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli of the death of Kelly Thomas, a homeless, schizophrenic man who died after a violent altercation with law enforcement (see video) in Fullerton, Calif. in 2011. Continue reading: Acquitted

Let us never forget:

The Innocence Project has helped free hundreds of wrongly convicted people from prison in the last decade, and they point to studies which estimate that between 2.3% and 5% of all prisoners in the U.S. are innocent, which suggests that roughly 46,000 to 100,000 people are currently serving time for crimes that they did not commit. Keep that in mind the next time you are tempted to believe that your innocence will protect you from prosecution.

Never forget:

the condition of being homeless or mentally-ill in the U.S. does justify a kangaroo court and a fatal savage beating by government employees.

Never forget:

police brutality and the use of excessive force, including police beatings, unjustified shootings and the use of dangerous restraint techniques to subdue suspects are as American as apple pie. Nothing is being done to monitor or check persistent abusers, or to ensure that police tactics in certain common situations minimize the risk of unnecessary force and injury.

Never forget:

there are over two million people incarcerated in the U.S. being treated inhumanely on a daily basis.

Let us never forget:

Prison Guards Who Torture Inmates Can’t Be Sued

A man was held at a Connecticut prison in advance of his trial on drug charges, officials there locked him in solitary confinement and forced him to wear leg irons even as he showered. The harsh punishment was meted out simply because the man had once asked why he couldn’t visit the commissary.

The former inmate sued three Connecticut prison officials and eventually won a $62,650 award, along with a written decision that the officials had violated his constitutional rights. A federal appeals court tossed out that award. The judges said that they agreed the prison officials had violated the prisoners constitutional rights by punishing him with solitary confinement when he was still a pretrial detainee in 2010. But those same prison officials were protected from any responsibility by a little-known legal loophole called qualified immunity, the court ruled.

Never forget:

that the police can rape your underage daughter and get away with it, legally. The police have a license to rape. NYPD rape raises questions about legal loophole.

The NYPD has launched an investigation into claims a group of policemen tried to intimidate an 18-year-old woman to stop her bringing charges against two detectives who allegedly raped her.

The woman claims nine policemen visited her and her mother at Maimonides Medical Centre in Brooklyn, New York, where she was being treated for the rape, and tried “to discourage them from coming forward” with the story, according to her attorney.

Eddie Martins, 37, and Richard Hall, 32, are accused of raping the 18-year-old in the back seat of their police van while she was handcuffed after being arrested for possessing drugs on September 15. She has also accused them of forcing her to perform oral sex.

Family violence is two to four times higher in the law-enforcement community than in the general population

Research in Brief: Officer-Involved Domestic Violence

Police Wife: The Secret Epidemic of Police Domestic Violence

Let us never forget:

When compared to any other industrialized nation the richest country in the world has the worst education. And it is not an accident, public education in America ranks 29th out of 34 industrialized nations. And we’re paying twice as much to teach our kids less.

The United States’ poor math results—may be worth paying attention to for at least one reason. A 2011 study found that PISA scores are an economic indicator: rising scores are a good sign that a country’s economy will grow as well.

Let us never forget:

Women in the United States who are 30 to 44 and who hold a university degree — meaning a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctorate or medical degree — make only 62 percent of what similarly qualified men do.

Let us never forget:

One In Five American Children Go Hungry and are Malnourished

  • 18% of American children – some 13.3 million – were living in poverty in 2016, making up almost a third of the total poor;
  • more than one in five homeless people are children, including 1.3 million school students who were without a home during the academic year;
  • infant mortality, at 5.8 deaths per 1,000 live births, is almost 50% higher than other advanced nations;
  • the US ranks 25th out of 29 industrialized countries in terms of the amount it invests in young children.

Let us never forget:

Let us never forget:

that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, never had WMD and never attacked the U.S.

Let us never forget:

that evidence is tainted and manufactured by the U.S. government and presented as fact by four star generals, to feed the insatiable war machine.

Let us never forget:

that U.S. politicians are willing to lie through their teeth on national television and before the U.N. to profit from the military industrial complex that they invest in heavily.

Let us never forget:

that the U.S. media is owned by huge multi national corporations and are complicit in spreading U.S. propaganda because they too are heavily invested in the military industrial complex. And profit from death and misery.

Let us never forget:

the rape and the torture committed by the C.I.A. and U.S. military against innocent Iraqi and Afghan women and children.

Let us never forget:

the war crimes committed by George Bush, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump or that war crimes have no statue of limitations.

Let us never forget:

that Blackwater pimped out underage Iraqi girls to U.S. service members.

Let us never forget:

the indiscriminate killing of Iraqi civilians so bravely leaked by disgraced service member Bradley Manning.

Let us never forget:

that Christianity is a sham religion that does not practice what it preaches. And while white people might talk a good talk they are hypocrites who say one thing and do another.

Never forget:

The American soldier knows full well there are no WMDs (Weapon of Mass Destruction). He knows the UN (United Nations) has declared the war illegal. He knows Syria is no threat to the USA. He knows the USA attacked Syria, a tiny unarmed country, without provocation. He knows full well Americans are killing more children than adults. He knows about the atrocities and torture committed by Americans. He knows he is not defending America; he is fighting a war of aggression on her behalf. He knows the war in Syria is not about Assad but about oil.

  • America has spent a trillion dollars, (that’s forty-thousand dollars per Iraqi man, woman and child) to force them to surrender. That’s one heck of a lot of mayhem.
  • America has the biggest and most advanced military on earth. It has been pounding Iraq since 2003, longer than WWII, and still the Iraqis will not surrender and hand over control of their natural resources (mostly oil) to the Americans.
  • As part of a successful divide and conquer policy, Americans fomented friction between Kurds, Sunnis and Shia and fomented a civil war. They provided arms to feed it. They are thus responsible.


October 22-A National Day of Mourning

On October 22nd, we are all Americans, we stand as one people, one nation, without color, creed or division. We are one, we are America.


This is a call for a day of prayer and calm. To mourn the dead. This is a non-violent protest. A day of remembrance, not a day for violence.

1.) To participate we call on everyone everywhere to wear black to mourn the dead.

2.) Do not go to work, or to school or to church, as remembrance of the dead.

3.) No shopping. Do not spend one dime on October 22nd. No buses, no trains and no planes for one day to show our solidarity with those who have been murdered.

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