Mexican man, 92, attacked in CA by woman who told him ‘go back to your country,’ witness says


Authorities are searching for multiple suspects following an attack on a 92-year-old man in South Los Angeles last week that a witness said was racially charged.

Rodolfo Rodriguez, a Mexican national who was visiting family, said he was attacked as he was taking a walk on the Fourth of July.

Through a translator he said he was “just walking to the park” when he brushed by a woman with her young daughter.

“He accidentally tapped the little girl by accident when he was walking,” past them, the translator said.

Then the woman attacked him with a concrete block.

“She just tossed him to the floor and she started beating him,” the translator said.

Rodriguez said a bystander photographed the attack with her phone and drew the woman’s attention.

She then threw the block at her.

“If it wasn’t for that lady that helped him, she would’ve probably killed him,” the translator said.

The witness spoke to KCBS in L.A. and said she asked the woman why she attacked the man.

“When I take the picture, she said, ‘Oh, he tried to touch my girl,’” she said. “I saw everything, this is a lie.”

She added that she heard the woman saying “go back to your country” to Rodriguez.

Rodriguez suffered a broken jaw, two broken ribs and broken cheek bones.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said there were possibly three to four other men who joined in the attack.

The sheriff’s office is reviewing the cellphone images.

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Laquisha Jones was arrested Tuesday night and charged with assault with a deadly weapon in the brutal mob attack on 92-year-old Rodolfo Rodriguez, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Jones is being held on $250,000 bail.

Authorities are still searching for four other assailants allegedly involved in the beating of Rodriguez, who is recovering from bruised ribs, a broken cheekbone, and face and head injuries, according to KTLA.

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