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How to use medical marijuana

If you've never had marijuana before it is fairly simple. The easiest way to use medical marijuana is with edibles. Which is just food cooked with marijuana inside. Warning for beginners about edibles, it takes very little for first time or newby patients so don't over do it. Edibles take up to 45 minutes to take effect so over consumption is very easy and consequently will lead to making you feel as if you are on a roller coaster ride. But please do not call 911 or go to the ER. There is nothing that can been done for you and it will be recorded as a marijuana overdose. And there is no such thing as overdosing on marijuana.

The pharmaceutical industry makes up a lot of lies about marijuana because they are scared. They are scared of a plant that grows for free in all 50 states and is non addictive, non lethal, has no known side effects and is more effective than any drug the drug manufactures have. So they spread lies and rumors because as soon as you learn the truth they will be out of business. And consequently they will lose the billions of dollars that they reap off of sick people each year. Help me get the truth out. Spread the love. Sharing is caring.

To smoke marijuana you can roll a joint, a blunt or a spliff if you know how. If not pick up a pipe, they come in cheap to fancy. Or use a bong. Bongs or water pipes require a little water in the chamber, there is a carb that you must cover with a finger or thumb while / as you light the bowl, take a drag to fill the chamber with smoke, release finger or thumb from carb and continue to pull the smoke into your lungs. Take a deep breath and hold. Release slowly and repeat.

If you find that you are too high from eating edibles there's really nothing that you can do but relax and wait it out. Some people will have a panic attack but again all that you can do is relax and wait it out.

If however you smoked too much and are felling way too high just eat something until you come down. No, that will not work for edibles. But edibles will give you the worse munchies you will ever have.

With edibles expect the effects to last a couple of hours. When you smoke marijuana expect the effects to last five to thirty five minutes depending on the quality and your own tolerance level.

Recognize drug laws as the price-support program that they are. If this stuff was trading at its actual cost, without the illegality premium, there wouldn’t be enough money in drugs to support the cartels.

An article in the New York Times revealed that the pharmaceutical industry spent $177 million on lobbying in 1999 and 2000. That’s $50 million more than their nearest rival, the insurance industry.

Big Pharma employs more lobbyists (625) than there are members of Congress, and more than half of the lobbyists are former members of Congress, congressional staff members, or government employees.

Reform will only come from you and how you spend your money. Get informed, take responsibility for your own health, and choose your doctors and medicines wisely.


1.) Tincture - Make a tincture by soaking the grass in high -proof alcohol such as Everclear or over- proof rum for a week. Shake occasionally. You can use as a drink or concentrate it into drops.

2.) Salve - Easily made by mixing ground leaf or buds in glycerin, aloe and alcohol or into a commercial salve. Use it externally for pain relief.

3.) Kief - Rub leaves or buds over a silk or metal screen. Kief screens are available in many shops.

4.) Marijuana Butter or Oil - Make this by slowly simmering the leaf/trim in butter or oil for a few hours. Strain the leaf and use.

5.) Water hash - Shake leafs/ground bud in a jar with water and ice for 5 minutes. Let settle. Pour out the water and leaf. The THC containing glands remain at the bottom of the container. Dry and use.

Beat any drug test for FREE

This article is here to help perfectly nice, hardworking people get around a system that is unfair, because if an employer can’t tell from your performance that you’ve been high, then private habits should have zero relevance to your employability.

How to beat CPS

CPS should do everything in its power to keep families together and only separate children from their parents in the most severe cases. CPS could accomplish this by offering family counseling, parenting and drug classes and other services with the goal of keeping families together.

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