Marlon Dewayne “Ice” Dixon knew that Branda Basham was a confidential informant

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) – The parents of a woman killed in retaliation for working as a police informant is suing the police unit that recruited her.

Bruce and Cathy Basham filed the lawsuit in Kanawha County Circuit Court this week on behalf of the estate of 22-year-old Branda Basham, who was shot to death in July 2014.

Marlon Dewayne Dixon pleaded guilty to killing Branda Basham after finding out she was working as a police informant. Dixon sold drugs to her several times.

At approximately 3:00 a.m. on July 12, 2014, Dixon lured Branda Mae Delight Basham, the murder victim, to a secluded section of railroad track in Charleston near the 700 block of Breece Street. At gunpoint, Dixon forced Basham to admit working with police to make undercover purchases of heroin from him. He then repeatedly shot Basham with a 9 mm pistol, killing her. She was 22 years old. After the murder, Dixon went to a nearby residence on Madison Street where he cleaned himself and disposed of his clothing. The next day, police interviewed a local woman who identified the Madison Street residence where she had seen Dixon shortly before the time of the murder.

Detectives from the Charleston Police Department executed a search warrant at the Madison Street residence. Police seized video from a surveillance camera that recorded Dixon wiping down the front door of the residence and carrying away several bags. Detectives also seized a pair of Dixon’s shoes found at the residence. Basham’s DNA was recovered from bloodstains on the shoes.

The lawsuit accuses officers with the Metropolitan Drug Enforcement Network of fueling their daughter’s drug addiction by offering her a paid job interacting with drug dealers.

Charleston Lt. Eric Johnson, who leads the Metro Drug Unit, couldn’t be reached for comment. Dixon, who says he has been living on the streets, has been posting on Facebook about how officers have not been able to catch-up with him. He was also taunting them through text-messages, police say.

Dixon wrote, “I’m letting Fbook know they raided my whole families n friends houses, i personally want to apologize and as always the Charleston police n the feds are harrassin and interrogating and without question making Marlon Dixon their prime suspect. im guilty till proven innocent from start all bcus i just so happen to be in the vicinity of where the murder took place, where i reside on the westside, are u serious? Cpd give it a rest, find ur killer.”

Dixon told police he finally surrendered Thursday because the pressure got to him. He said that police had been just seconds behind him a few times in their search for him over the week. He also admitted to hiding in car trunks and other safe-houses.

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