List of NY Mafia Rats/Snitches/Informants/Turncoats

Bonanno Crime Family – 18 Members who have Flipped

Genoroso “Jimmy the General” Barbieri – Soldier/Former Acting Capo
Joseph “Jersey Joe/Joe the Rat” Bonanno – Soldier/Acting Capo
Paul Cantarella – Soldier
Richard “Shellackhead” Cantarella – Capo/Acting Underboss
Dominick Cicale – Soldier/Acting Capo
Frank Coppa – Capo
Joseph “Joey Mook” D’Amico – Soldier
Frank “Curly” Lino – Capo
Michael “Sonny” Maggio – Soldier
Joseph “Big Joey/The Ear” Massino – Boss
Nicholas “P.J.” Pisciotti – Soldier/Acting Capo
James “Jimmy Tag/Big Lou” Tartaglione – Capo
Salvatore “The Chief/Good Looking Sal” Vitale – Underboss
William Dara – Soldier (Dead)
Peter Rosa – Soldier
Peter “Petey Bullsh*t” Lovaglio – Capo
Vincenzo “Enzo” Morena – Soldier
Thomas “Sharkey/Tommy Fish” Carrube – Soldier

Gambino Crime Family – 12 Members who have Flipped

Alfonse “Jim Carra” Attardi- Soldier (Dead)
Dominick “Fat Dom” Borghese- Soldier
Primo Cassarino – Soldier
Joseph “Little Joe” D’Angelo- Soldier
Craig DePalma- Soldier (Dead)
Michael “Mickey Scars” DiLeonardo – Capo
Frank “Frankie Fapp” Fappiano – Soldier
Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano – Underboss
Robert Mormando – Soldier
Alfredo “Freddie The Sidge” Santantonio – Soldier (Killed)
Anthony “Big Tony” Moscatiello – Soldier
Nicholas “Nicky Skins” Stefanelli – Soldier (Suicide)

Colombo Crime Family – 17 Members who have Flipped

Paul “Paulie Guns” Bevacqua- Acting Capo (Dead)
Reynold “Ren” Maragni – Capo
Rocco Cagno- Soldier
Dino “Big Dino” Calabro – Capo
Joseph “Joe Camp” Campanella- Capo
Joseph “Joey Caves” Compatiello- Soldier
Salvatore “Big Sal” Miciotta- Soldier/Acting Capo
John Pate- Capo
Alan Quatrache- Soldier
Michael “Mikey/Yuppie Don” Franzese – Soldier/Acting Capo (Left the life)
Anthony “Big Anthony” Russo- Acting Capo
Sebastiano “Sebby” Saracino- Soldier
Greg “The Grim Reaper” Scarpa Sr- Capo (Dead)
Gregory Scarpa Jr.- Capo
Carmine Sessa- Consigliere
Michael “Mikey” Souza- Soldier
Frank “Frankie Blue Eyes” Sparaco- Soldier

Genovese Crime Family – 8 Members who have Flipped

Anthony “Bingy” Arilotta- Soldier
George Barone- Soldier (Dead)
John “Futto” Biello- Capo (Killed)
Vincent “Fish” Cafaro- Soldier
Felix Tranghese- Capo
Joseph “Joe Cago” Valachi- Soldier (Dead)
Louis Moscatiello- Soldier/Acting Capo (Dead)
Renaldi “Ray” Ruggiero – Capo

Lucchese Crime Family – 16 Members who have Flipped

Anthony “Tumac” Accetturo- Capo
Anthony “Gaspipe” Casso- Consigliere/Underboss/Acting Boss
Peter “Fat Pete” Chiodo- Capo (Dead)
Alphonse “Little Al” D’Arco- Capo /Acting Boss
Joseph D’Arco- Soldier
Joseph “Little Joe/Joe D” Defede- Soldier/Acting Boss (Dead)
Eugenio “Gene” Giannini- Soldier (Killed)
Frank Gioia Sr- Soldier
Frank Gioia Jr- Soldier
Steven LaPella- Soldier
Frank Lagano- Soldier (Killed)
Dominick “The Gap” Petrilli- Capo/Soldier (Killed)
Thomas “Tommy” Ricciardi- Soldier
Vincent “Vinny Baldy” Salanardi- Soldier
Frank “Goo Goo” Suppa- Soldier
John Pennisi – Soldier

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