Know your rights

By Xhristopher R Rice, Underground Resistance

These are your rights. And as a citizen you must know and obey all of the laws of every jurisdiction and they are constantly changing. But ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Only the police tell the truth and everyone else is just making shit up until DNA evidence proves otherwise. People make shit up all of the time for a multiple of reasons from money, fame to attention so it is best not to believe anything that you hear and only half of what you see.

These are your rights. Everyone in America is free. Just some more than others. You have a freedom of speech as long as you don’t try to use it as that may get you fired and or blacklisted. Ah hell, who am I kidding, it will definitely get you fired faster than you can say “but my first amendment”.

Don’t kneel, block traffic, stage walkouts or peacefully protest because that you will get you maced, tased, threatened, harassed and or lynched. Do not be gay or just even a little different from everyone else. You better conform and do as you are told or else suffer the consequences from some dumb sister fucking redneck.

Know your rights. These are your rights. You can own as many guns of whatever kind and size and as much ammo as you can possibly afford. And, even if you are crazy and make threats like that kid who shot up his own school in Florida, ain’t shit no one can do about it. Because democracy was bought and paid for by the NRA and every other special interest group that can afford to bribe our politicians with cocaine and or hookers.

Until you actually use one of your guns then they will take them all away and there ain’t shit you or anyone else can do about it.

Illegal search and seizure? Forgetaboutit. What you’ve never heard of TSA? NSA? CIA? FBI? DHS? Stingray? COINTELPRO? Asset forfeiture? Drug test? Stop and frisk? C’mon, gimme a fucking break already.

These are your rights. Know your rights. All three of ’em. You have no right to food or money unless of course, you don’t mind a little humiliation, casting couch, boss says get down on your knees if you want to keep your McJob. Complain all that you want to but it’s his word against yours and innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. And you have no proof ’cause you didn’t learn from Monika Lewinski when Bill said “it depends on the meaning of the word, is”. Yeah, your president said that on national TV and ain’t no one did shit to Mr Bill, did they?

Even when Nixon got caught red handed they gave him a pardon. But if you or me catch a felony we’ll never be able to vote again. Rigging elections and getting away with it, legally. See slavery never ended it was simply moved to US prisons and overseas US corporations. Same long hours for no pay or for pennies a day. And it’s all perfectly legal so protest if you want to but expect American paid and trained death squads or being sent to the hole.

Torture? Cruel and inhumane punishments? Happens everyday. Prison rape, we just turn a blind eye and Christian taxpayers don’t mind they think it’s justice when a guard or fellow inmate rapes another inmate. The UN and everyone under the sun says more than three days of solitary is pure torture but the US keeps prisoners in solitary for years and ain’t no one doing shit about it because Christians think that all prisoners must be guilty and American law is too soft anyways even though American justice disregarded rehabilitating prisoners for BDSM a long, long time ago but hey why let reality get in your way? This is America baby.

These are your rights. Know your rights. All three of ’em. Whistleblowers you must have shit for brains. Americans will not stand up and protect their leaders so you better have an unfriendly country to run to because they have already said that if they catch Snowden or Assange they will seek the death penalty. So keep your big dumb mouth shut. No one, not one American will lift a finger for you after you have given up your freedom for theirs. Americans only care about themselves. Even when they feign help it is only so that they can feel good about themselves and will not result in any actual real help.

Yes, America is a nation of immigrants but we are only looking for one specific color. Everyone else shall suffer the wrath of some dumb sister fucking hillbilly and his inbred relatives. This may take the form of burning crosses in your front yard, lynchings, racially charged graffiti, bullying your kids, threatening letters or mail bombs or just calling the police on you and making up false accusations until one sticks.

These are your rights. Know your rights. All three of ’em. And if your cold, to your very bones and you can’t afford to turn on the heat that sounds like a personal problem to me. Don’t come crying to the government because that’s socialism and socialism is a dirty word. Just let your kids freeze. Teach your kids to jog around the apartment that should keep them warm. Just don’t make too much noise or I will call the cops.

See how fast CPS will come and take your kids away. Problem solved. God bless America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Don’t expect to confront your accusers either because this is a CPS hearing, not a court of law. Just like a kangaroo court.

Due process? How about some manufactured evidence? Coached witnesses. Planted evidence. Because the state will spend whatever it takes to lock you away. But they will also pay for your defense so it must be on the up and up, right? If both sides are paid for by the state surely they’ll give you a fair shake. Right? A jury of your peers? State will pay for them too. And the quicker they decide the quicker they get to go, huh? And we all know, cops never lie. So really what is there to decide?

Freedom of religion? Please. We only elect Christians and we ban the Muslims. There is no freedom, it’s an illusion. The government wants to return prayer in school and ban all abortions like Sharia law where they cram their beliefs down your throat all day long. Dissent is prohibited because God is infallible accept when Adam and Eve got left with the devil and no one warned them or when God had the flood to get rid of his mistakes or the time when God brought His people out of Egypt and then could barely feed them.

These are your rights. Know your rights. Respect the office of der leader even when der leader is an unrespectable lying sack of shit or get your press credentials and White House hall pass taken away, okay?

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