I Love Drugs

By Christopher R Rice, Underground Resistance Network
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No one ever says that when they grow up that they want to be the village idiot but every town has at least one. No one says that they want to grow up and become a junkie. You pry wanted to be an astronaut, a doctor or superman maybe. I dunno.

Every man I’ve ever met is a chaser. By that I mean that some men chase skirts, some chase clouds, some chase dreams, I use to chase paper my damn self.

That creates a problem though. If you chase clouds around you’re not really a criminal, you’re just a junkie with a monkey on your back committing petty crimes to support your habit. But that doesn’t make you into a real bona fide criminal with a code to follow. The same way you’re not a soldier who’s down for your town and ready to ride or die. You may claim, you may front and you may perpetrate but you’re still just a hater.

So when you meet someone and get high with them for the first time you like to think that you know this person and can trust this person to be down. But in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Whatever they told you was pure bravado and hyperbole. The people who you get high with are the least reliable people that you will ever meet in your life. They are the scum of the earth because in reality that is all that they are interested in, is getting high. And they will literally say or do anything at all for their next hit. But don’t take my word for it, test them out and see for yourself. As soon as you say the drugs are all gone I bet they’ll make ghost.

If you choose to do crimes with these people you are not a criminal, you are just an idiot. And you will get caught. You are what fills the jails to overflow capacity. Drug users are not real criminals and once they do get caught they will sing like a bird to get their next fix. Drug users are all snitches.

Let me be mother fucking perfectly clear here, because I already receive death threats from snitches (see: Snitch List) and I’m not here to hate on drugs just the dumb people who use them. When you go to jail, you can either do your time or let the time do you but that choice is always yours to make. Drugs are no different, either you do drugs or you allow the drugs to do you, which one is it? When you get high are you still in control of yourself or are you sloppy ass drunk and can’t even think straight?

See, there’s a difference. Are you enjoying your high or are you constantly looking out the blinds worried about the police? Do us all a favor and put down the glass dick, get something to eat and get you some sleep. Some drugs are fun while some drugs just get you spun.

So, what do you want to be when you grow up my son? A rocket man? A dinosaur? A drug addict? A hood rat? Or Robin Hood? Must you stop chasing your dreams once you grow up? Some of us dream of being a big rock star or famous athlete. We chase our dreams as far as our talent will take us. Some of us chase skirts all day but can you really be on your game when you got vagina on the brain?

Don’t get me wrong, I mean, I love the pussy too. But you’re so damn distracted every time a skirt goes by. One smile and your knees go weak. A second glance and you stutter and stammer and can’t even speak. You can’t stay focused or even think straight. Why would I want to work with a joker who is sure to get us caught up over some skank. Gimme a break.

A lot of people want to claim to be thugs but how many can even tell you what that means? Well? How about the ten rules to the game. I mean if you’re really a bona fide thug surely you can tell us what the ten rules to the game are right? Eh, bet you can’t even name me two rules. Because you’re a fake, you front and you perpetrate. You a hater, not a player.

But don’t get me wrong because players are just skirt chasers and don’t deserve any respect. They will literally say or do anything to get you out of your panties and then it’s on to the next one. They will leave you sprung and never look back. Take a girl off her game and make her chase dick around all day. ‘Till she’s broke and can’t even think straight.

Everyone you meet will talk a good game and then turn out to be a worthless piece of shit. Hold on, I mean no offense, it is, what it is and I’m only giving it to you straight without any sugar coating. You may fall in love or you might fight all day. It may just be infatuation but you’re too stupid to know the difference anyways. There is no love at first sight because that is only lust. And since you don’t know and can’t tell the difference it really is hard to trust what you say or even what you think or how you feel. Can you now understand what I mean?

You’re unreliable in the extreme and have the audacity to question my authenticity. But I have stripes. I’ve done my time and paid my dues. Ask anyone who’s ever met me and they’ll tell you my momma ain’t raised no fool. I’m ten times the man you are on my worse day. But I’m not bragging, I’m just sayin’. If I wanted to brag, I’ve got some stories that’ll make your toes curl but what good would that do either one of us? I ain’t here to brag, I’m here to set the record straight.

So don’t get it twisted. How many types of boys are there in this world? There’s one who works all day long trying to please you but when night time comes around he can’t even satisfy you. This leaves you frustrated and you naturally take your frustrations out on him until neither one of you are happy. Bitch find yourself a real man and stop the hate. I’m sure that you grew up watching your own parents fight like cats and dogs but that wasn’t love at all and you should be able to figure that one out on your own.

Why repeat the mistakes of our idiot parents? They weren’t that bright to begin with. I’m not about to follow in some assholes foot steps, I have better things to do. But you just want to puff, puff and pass. You don’t like me riding your ass. So why don’t you kick rocks because this ain’t for you. This is for the real mother fucking G’s who can fucking understand me. You bitch ass wannabe’s will never man up, you’re always going to be a punk. That’s why people like you, end up in my trunk.

But, I wouldn’t take any of this personal because we know it’s all just business, right? So let’s keep this real because I ain’t got the time for your half ass truths and total bullshit. If you want to talk to me, don’t look at the ground, look me in my eye and let me hear you spit some game. Don’t be ashamed, let it out and tell us what you’re all about. But just remember that talk is cheap and I ain’t buyin’ a damn thing. I’ll want to see your cash before I’ll even bring out the product. And no, there ain’t no fronts for you dumb ass chumps.

KMART wouldn’t give you credit for gods sake so why would I? I ain’t stupid, I’m just high. You thought that you could flash me some cleavage and I’d come out of pocket but I get pussy for free, I don’t need no strawberries. Dealers who date a strawberry are all fools because every time you turn around your sack gets pinched. And guess what? Your bitch gives me your shit to get down my pants, I ain’t tellin’ though, I’m just lettin’ ya’ know, you datin’ a ho.

But helping you figure it all out has always been a waste of my time. Like paying for a website out of my own pocket to teach you what I already know. I tried to make you into a soldier, ready for whatever. I tried to teach you to have some class, to respect money and not just blindly respect your elders as you were told, when they pry don’t even deserve it. Damn it, if you want my respect, you better be able to earn it.

You trust in people who only care about themselves. You believe in things that can only betray you. I tried to wake you up to this reality but it’s been like trying to hold a conversation with a zombie. I know you’re confused because they opened up the credit and made the system look good again. But that’s why it’s called the grand illusion because it’s the same bullshit repackaged in a different way. Don’t get fooled by slick talkers or promise makers. Don’t get caught up over some dumb shit. I could talk to you all day but it looks like you’ll never learn and I’ll be better off without you anyways.

I’ve loved a lot of drugs, especially the fun ones. But I’ve never liked any of the people who do drugs. The only thing worse than a damn druggie is a fucking square. One’s a snitch and the other’s a rat fink. I keep away from fools, jokers and assclowns. They do crime and attracts cops, cops got guns and cuffs and cells to stuff you in.

L.A. is like a battlefield or a war zone. Dead bodies are piling up everywhere. Young brothers seem to lose control, I seem to maintain through this. Watch where ya kick it they’ll put you in a twist and it ain’t nobody like my down ass hommies and tha police are always tryin to pin some bullshit on me.

They tryin’ to stick me with some bullshit that I did not do. You know who. The boys in blue. There they go with they assumptions that every nigger’s selling narcotics and ridin’ dirty. Why you wanna pull me over? ‘Cuz I’m bumpin? So I keep away from fools, jokers and assclowns. They do crime and attracts cops, cops got guns and cuffs and cells to stuff you in.

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