How you can beat the system

By Christopher R Rice

In November the powers that be hold an election to see who will control the House (of representatives) and the Senate.

We the people have talked a good talk about “throwing the bums out of office.” But that hasn’t really worked though, has it?

Both parties- the republicans and the democrats are funded by big business. How? Elections cost a lot of money and large multinational corporations are more than happy to fund both candidates from both parties, in every election. Which makes every candidate corrupt (beholden to their donors) before they are even sworn in.

So nothing is ever done about mass shootings or pollution or inflation. You are left to beg for an increase in the minimum wage or forced to march for meaningful legislation that never happens.

But what if our problems were not so black and white or really that complicated. Suppose verifiable solutions with proven track records did exist. But because they would hurt some giant corporations bottom line that solution wasn’t even on the table.

I’ll give you a quick example. Gun violence. What has been the only solutions offered? Gun control or arming the teachers has been the republicans and democrats only solutions, right?

But why not fund and make accessible mental health care on campuses and on work sites? And close the loopholes that allow the mentally ill to buy weapons while taking more guns away from felons.

But what did the U.S. government do instead? Does anyone here remember “Fast and Furious.” No I’m not talking about the movie but about the Obama / Holder / ATF scandal where the U.S. actually gave automatic weapons to the drug cartels. Sound too crazy? I’ve even provided a link so you can see for yourselves that the U.S. government is not our friend.

What if you and I could change all of that? How much would it be worth to you to get a functioning democracy (Republic) again?

A government that is not beholden to large lobbyist groups like the NRA, the teachers union, the private prison industry or big pharma. A government that actually is by and for the people.

What I’m proposing is not utopian. What I am proposing is that big business has found a way to usurp our government. And I think that I might have found a strategy to take it back. I asked what it would be worth to you, not because I am seeking money or donations but because it will be a lot of hard work.

I’m going to fund this out of my own pocket for as long as I can because you have been duped by politicians who have promised the moon and the stars while never delivering on anything. You’ve supported them with donations, taxes and volunteering for their campaigns because you believed.

Instead of approaching you with my hands out and a bunch of empty promises I’m going to ask you to thoroughly study my strategy, pick it apart with a fine tooth comb and find anything you can that is wrong with it and then help me to fix it.

Once we have a solid strategy I will need your help to implement and distribute this strategy to the masses.

I will also be asking you to nominate candidates and to help them canvass.

My strategy is simple and straightforward. But I do not see immediate success. I think our first battle will be a failure. I mention this now because we are actually in a war. A war to take back our own government. And in wars there are many battles, some you win, some you lose. But I need you to be prepared for the reality that this is not going to be a walk in the park. This is not one battle but a war.

The republicans, the democrats and their corporate masters will fight us with everything they have. They are well funded, experienced and own every major and most alternative news outlets on the planet.

My strategy is to simply disrupt the November elections. I do not expect that we will be able to take any seats this November because we only have four months left to organize.

Every year there is a protest against police brutality. This protest is unknown and unheard of. I suggest that we use this protest to hold a covert general strike. The protest takes place every year on October 22nd which could make this our “October Surprise.”

If you’ve never heard the term October surprise before, it’s okay, it’s just a political term which describes an upset just before the people go to vote.

The idea is to get as many people as possible to wear black and to mourn the dead on October 22nd. We will also call on everyone to skip work, school and shopping on October 22nd to show respect for the dearly departed. A day of mourning, not protest, not marches, just mourning the dead. A Mahatma Gandhi style revolution.

I’ve already wrote that part and began promoting it here.

The second part of this strategy is to offer a better alternative. Which is published here. A People’s Party that does not accept donations from anyone. A political party that is- of, for and by the people.

Next we must nominate candidates and start canvassing with phone calls, door-to-door, printing and distributing flyers.

I told you that this would be a lot of work. I told you this at the very beginning so you would not have any illusions. We all have witnessed someone (Donald J Trump) with zero political experience and the whole republican leadership against him win the White House and beat the well oiled and well funded democratic machine. So what I am proposing is not Pollyanna.

The only question now is, are my fellow Americans willing to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. How much is a functioning government worth to you?

I think that within four months we could pull off a sizable protest. One that is big enough to disrupt their elections. But we will not be able to pull off a successful general strike with only four months to organize.

We can however, easily organize around this issue and many others while using this protest to launch People Party candidates. And to lay the groundwork for the next elections.

Many groups have already backed the People’s Party here. The battle has begun, the groundwork is laid. This is your invitation to make history. To give our children a better world than the one that we found.

There are many strategies. This is just one. Nothing is wrote in stone. This is where you either exit stage left or offer your strategies, candidates or help get this information passed around. Author gives permission to reprint, publish and distribute without notice or compensation by any media.