Gorilla Seed Bank Review

By JunkyG

Gorilla Seed Bank opened in 2011 and is still a relatively new company, but its founders have combined cannabis experience totalling over 40 years. They began with a base of operations in the UK, but quickly spread internationally as their success as a business grew.

The main founder, Alex, says that he started Gorilla Seeds after being disappointed in his purchases from a number of other seed banks. That’s why he’s so passionate about making sure customers have a great experience with his shop.

Gorilla Seed Bank is a well-loved seed bank that operates in the US and the UK. They take their job as a seed curator seriously and strive to only sell the best of the best quality seeds in their online shop. They even offer their own “Gorilla Grade Promise” that guarantees buyers seeds from the best breeders, prompt delivery, and responsive customer service. They offer a number of other great perks too, like free delivery, free seeds with every order, giveaways for honest customer reviews, and even free swag for signing up for their mailing list. All around, they seem like a great place to buy from.

Gorilla Seeds has a remarkable team who are extremely passionate about their industry.

Not only does Gorilla Seed Bank provide cannabis seeds all over the world,  they have the very best prices on marijuana seeds. All rates on Gorilla Seed Bank are in between 10 and 20 % cheaper than seeds offered elsewhere.

Ready to step up your game? It’s your money, so why not demand the very best? When it comes to premium cannabis seeds, there’s nothing better than genuine Feminised Seeds! This Spanish seed company has spent years working their way to the top of this highly competitive field & has spared nothing to get there. Isn’t that the kind of dedication you want on your side?

Gorilla Seed Bank offers many of the most popular strains from a variety of breeders. They do not breed their own strains at this time. They sell seeds from Barney’s Farm, Dinafem, Big Buddha, Bomb Seeds, Greenhouse Seeds, and Dutch Passion, just to name a few.

They have autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds, and medical strains available. Some of their bestsellers include OG Kush, AK49, Pineapple Chunk, The Widow, Cash Crop, Super Cheese, and many others. They are always on the lookout for new seeds to add, and their stock rotates regularly.

Customer service is one of the things the Gorilla Seed Bank prides itself on, and they do deliver. Their customer service representatives are available by phone, email, on Facebook, or are even active on many marijuana related forums. From everything that I’ve seen of them, they are always eager to rectify any problem someone may have had with an order. They often reach out to people on forums who may leave them a negative review to see how they can make it right for them.

The Gorilla Seeds website is well designed, well organized, and very informative. It includes easily searchable headings where you can browse seeds by best sellers, strain type, seedbank, or type.

You can find a lot of information on their site about their shipping methods, payment options, and anything you might need to know before ordering. They also have a built in order tracker which is really handy and something that I haven’t seen on a lot of other seed shops. The design of the site is professional and not too cluttered or overwhelming like some sites can be.

Gorilla’s prices for seeds are excellent, even without factoring in the free seeds that you get as part of every order and the free shipping they offer. They sell the best and most popular seeds at prices up to 30% lower than the original breeder. They also have a price match guarantee that says they will match the advertised price of any retailer selling the same seeds if you can show them that they’re selling it for cheaper. Because of this guarantee, you can always get the lowest price by buying from Gorilla Seeds. With the added free seeds, free shipping, and great customer service, it’s a no brainer to buy from them.

As far as payment methods go, you unfortunately can’t pay the Gorilla in bananas, but just about anything else will do. They accept cash, bank transfers, bitcoin, credit and debit cards, orders by phone, and check.

Gorilla Seeds shipping is fast, free, and secure. Customers in the UK can expect to receive their orders in 1 to 5 business days, European customers in 5 to 20 days, and customers everywhere else within 25 business days from the time of ordering. Usually it is faster than this, however. They ship to all countries worldwide with stealth shipping available in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Republic of Ireland, New Zealand and Western Europe. Orders ship in a plain bubble mailer unless you pay extra for the stealth shipping guarantee. Stealth packages are shipped in original breeder seed packaging within a DVD case and dispatched through Royal Mail. If the first package doesn’t make it to you, stealth shipping entitles you to a second delivery attempt free of charge.

It has an easy to use website, a low price guarantee, fast and discreet shipping, and good customer service. You can pay by almost any method you would want to, expect for PayPal, and they ship to anywhere in the world.  @Twitter

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