Fuck Hillary Clinton

By Christopher R Rice

Hillary was lazy, felt entitled, and thought she could cruise to an easy win by trashing Trump personally. Meanwhile, Trump was appealing to the middle class working people who strive everyday to make ends meet. While Hillary gave them lip service and spent most of her time fundraising, Trump related to the regular people and promised to drain the swamp in D.C.

I think you’re still missing the point… …people voted for Trump because Trump pretends to be anti-political-party. Trump pretends to stand against Democrats and Republicans alike. The voters saw choices between politics-as-usual politicians and a non-politics-as-usual candidate. That’s why the Republican party was first to be shocked when Trump beat all of the ‘favored’ candidates in the primary. Then it was the Democrat’s turn to be shocked when he won the Presidency.

BINGO– You don’t like seeing Trump? Blame the DNC and Hillary. Don’t put up the worst candidate available and you won’t have a maniac in the Whitehouse. The working class get a little perturbed at the thought of a status quo politician linked to big money from corporations and other countries.

That is the resentment the American people have towards the establishment. I just wish all of us could get on the same page and dissolve the two major political parties forever.

Americans hate Hillary. That is why she lost. Twice!

Hillary Clinton Is Living Proof That Crime Pays in Spectacular Ways By Riley Waggaman

The media has focused primarily on how Clinton mishandled sensitive or classified material, but the worst of her crimes have remained hidden from the public. As Politico points out, there’s a very good reason why Hillary deleted thousands of “private” emails:

[T]here’s an email silence in June 2010, when Hillary Clinton was in South America for a series of high-level meetings. According to her memoir, “by coincidence” Bill was in Bogota, Colombia, apparently for Clinton Foundation work, at the same time she was in the country. Also there with Bill was Frank Giustra, one of the Clinton Foundation’s largest contributors. Bill, Hillary and Giustra reportedly had dinner together, and the next morning, Bill met with Colombia’s President Alvaro Uribe, followed immediately by Hillary’s meeting with Uribe. In the weeks that follow, Giustra’s companies scored concessions from the Colombian government on matters ranging from oil to timber.

The Clinton Foundation is a massive money-laundering scheme. Money goes in, State Department weapons deals come out.

Sorry, but it’s not a vast right-wing conspiracy: The Clinton’s have been up to their eyeballs in shady deals and corruption scandals since their humble country bumpkin beginnings in Arkansas, which strangely enough was the staging ground for a massive CIA cocaine drug smuggling operation while Bill was governor. Coincidence or fate?

Enough already. When you’re taking millions of dollars from the Saudis, and private rides on the “Lolita Express”, you have no business being anywhere near the White House.

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ChinaGate By Christopher R Rice

The Clinton-Gore campaign in 1996 took bribes from Chinese banks and their government to help their dwindling poll numbers. The Chinese embassy in D.C. helped siphon funds into the DNC. Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown (who was killed in a plane crash), and at Hillary’s instruction reportedly sold seats on department trade missions to China. Joint congressional hearings were canceled after Democrats threatened to bring up Republican campaign issues and then Monica Lewinsky actually saved this scandal from media attention.

Chinagate – For those of you who are unaware of the law, it is illegal to receive campaign contributions from abroad. No, I don’t mean from a broad but like from overseas. Here the Clinton’s have been caught not once but twice taking money from the Chinese. I wonder if Al Gore is still the Clinton’s bag man? The FBI identifies him only as “Business Associate-1”.

Politically prominent Chinese millionaire Ng Lap Seng was identified in a 1998 Senate report as the source of hundreds of thousands of dollars illegally funneled through an Arkansas restaurant owner, Charlie Trie, to the Democratic National Committee during the Clinton administration.

“Trie’s contributions purchased access for himself and Ng to the highest levels of our government,” the Senate report said.

Ng and Trie made a number of visits to the White House to attend Democratic National Committee-sponsored events and were photographed with President Bill Clinton and then-First Lady Hillary Clinton. ABC News reported in 1997 that Ng had made six trips to the White House.

Senate investigators said Ng “refused to meet with or answer the investigators questions,” although he was never charged with a crime in the investigation.

Trie, an American citizen, pleaded guilty to violating campaign finance laws.

Part II: The FBI has arrested Ng, the alleged secret source of foreign money in a campaign finance scandal during the Clinton administration, on charges he lied about why he brought more than $4.5 million in cash into the United States over the last two years.

Ng Lap Seng was arrested in New York last weekend by FBI agents working with federal prosecutors assigned to the public corruption squad in the Southern District of New York, according to federal authorities.

His arrest came on the same day the Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Seattle for a state visit to the United States.

In addition to his role as a prominent real estate developer on the gambling center island of Macau, Ng has close ties to the Chinese government and is listed as a member of a senior advisory group, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

A criminal complaint against Ng, filed in federal court, described a series of trips Ng made to the U.S., often by private jet, carrying large amounts of cash.

According to the complaint, Ng lied about the purpose for bringing the cash, falsely claiming it was for the purchase of real estate, art or for gambling.

FBI agents surveilled Ng on several of his most recent trips and found that “at no point” was he seen “looking at paintings available for purchase, purchasing paintings, or gambling,” according to the complaint.

The complaint does not offer details about who the government believes received the cash, other than identifying a “Business Associate-1”. There is no indication of any current ties to the Clintons or the Democratic Party, and a spokesman for the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign, Brian Fallon, said there had been no contact between the campaign and Ng.

The complaint says Ng brought a suitcase full of $400,000 in cash to the United States on June 13 and later that day brought the suitcase to a meeting with “Business Associate-1” in Queens, New York.

Also arrested with Ng was an associate and translator, Jeff Yin, a naturalized American citizen who is also accused of lying about the use and importation of the funds. Both are being held at a federal corrections center and are scheduled to be in court on Oct. 5.

Ng’s lawyer, Kevin Tung, said Ng is being held without bail, and Tung said he could not comment as to where the money had allegedly gone.

In an interview with ABC News in July, 1997, Ng said, “My philosophy is that I should not break the law but I wouldn’t mind bending it.”

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CommonDreams: The “hard choices” taken by Clinton and her team didn’t just damage U.S. relations with Latin America.  They contributed to the enormous damage done to Honduras.  In the years following the coup, economic growth has stalled, while poverty and income inequality have risen significantly. Violence has spiraled out of control.  Meanwhile, the U.S. government has increased military assistance to Honduras, despite alarming reports of killings and human rights abuses by increasingly militarized Honduran security forces.  Many Congressional Democrats have asked for a complete suspension of security assistance while human rights violations continue with impunity.  But neither the Clinton nor Kerry State Departments have heeded their call.

TelesurTV: And it’s been a nonstop party ever since. In the aftermath of the coup, Honduras’ homicide rate has soared along with other forms of violence. As The Guardian’s Nina Lakhani recently noted in an article on the March assassination of Honduran human rights and environmental activist Berta Cáceres, whose name reportedly appeared on a hitlist belonging to U.S.-trained Honduran special forces:

“Human rights groups have condemned U.S. support for Honduran security forces amid mounting evidence implicating police and military in systematic abuses. In April, activists warned Congress that death squads were targeting opposition activists, much like they did during the ‘dirty war’ in the 1980s.”

TheIntercept: Somalia has been led by warlords since 1990. That is US strategy because of its oil. So when there’s oil there is always a military humanitarian intervention. Since 1991 IMF “economic medicine  ensured economic and social chaos which set the stage for the civil war”. Somalia became a territory for four US oil giants (Conoco, Amoco, Chevron and Phillips) who have been allocated 2/3s of Somali (The Times).

In 2006 the US got 50,000 Ethiopian troops to invade Somalia and eventually withdrew in 2009 creating the Al Shabaab which the US arms and with the return of Ethiopian troops. A wikileaks cable implicates US Under Secretary of State for Africa, Jendayi Frazer in pressing Ethiopia’s President Meles Zenawi to invade its neighbor. Somalia-Ethiopia rift is the cause of the Ogaden region which has been divided between the two. Now US drones are used in Somalia.

Rebel forces in southern Sudan began using child soldiers long before seceding from Sudan in 2011. The United States, on the other hand, passed a law in 2008 that banned providing military assistance to nations that use child soldiers. The law was called the Child Soldiers Prevention Act, or CSPA, but after South Sudan’s independence, the White House issued annual waivers that kept aid flowing to the world’s newest nation despite its use of child soldiers. President Obama stated in 2012 that the waiver that year was in “the national interest of the United States.”

Hillary Clinton, who was secretary of state when the first waivers were issued, was apparently never asked to comment on them, and the State Department never provided any explanations about its role. Clinton had spent years vowing to defend the rights of children worldwide — in 2012, she railed against “modern-day slavery” in the introduction to a State Department report on human trafficking that took aim at the “unlawful recruitment or use of children” by armed forces. Yet she does not appear to have publicly explained her role in allowing South Sudan and other countries to receive military support despite using children as combatants. In fact, the State Department played a central role in issuing the controversial waivers, according to two sources, including a former State Department official.

The CSPA waivers and the broader panoply of military and diplomatic support that was extended to South Sudan and the government of its president, Salva Kiir, failed to prevent a descent into violence that has cost more than 50,000 lives and forced more than 2.4 million people to flee their homes.

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