DO’s and DON’Ts Street Walkers

By Christopher R Rice

1.) Stop your car somewhere close to the girl, wait for her to come to you and get in. Do not negotiate with her until she is in the car and you are driving away. ”Decoys” would like you to solicit sex for money while they are standing safely outside your car on the sidewalk. Don’t make it that easy for them. If the girl says anything to you before she gets in your car, just say “Do you want a ride?” (i.e., pretend you think she is just a hitchhiker looking for a ride).

2.) Never solicit sex from a girl standing outside of your car: if she wants to talk about sex before she gets in your car, just drive away (even if she is not a cop, it is too risky to find out).

3.) After she is in your car, drive away, but if she tells you where to go, be very suspicious (there may be cops, or worse things waiting there for you). Make small talk until you get several blocks away, like ask her, her name, how old she is, if she is from town.

4.) You can ask her to “prove” that she is not a cop by lifting her shirt and letting you squeeze a tit, some girls will ask you to unzip and pull it out: the hope is that if the girl is a cop, anything she says or does after she lets you feel her tits is entrapment, and would have to be thrown out of court.

5.) Many girls will ask you if you are a cop, or you can ask her. The answer means nothing, because cops can legally lie to you. Cops can and do say they are not cops. There’s no point in asking.

6.) Never pick up a new girl. You need to see a girl on the street several times and at different hours of the day and night. And also see if they get in cars and leave with a john and how soon they come back.

7.) In some areas, cops observe the local street scene from some distance out of an unmarked car; if you pick someone up, they follow you to the motel or parking lot and bust you there. Always make absolutely sure that nobody’s following you.

8.) It is perfectly legal for Vice officers investigating prostitution to get naked and receive a “massage.” And lastly, remember, we are all responsible for our own safety.