Crime Inc.

By Christopher R Rice, Underground America Inc.

There’s a lot of information that our elders should have passed down to us but as it turns out, our elders are as dumb as bricks and are the very ones who got us into this mess, in the first place. So lesson number one, trust no one.

There is a reason why you have not, can not and will not find happiness or success or love. And while no one else will tell you the truth or worse, they try and profit from your ignorance, I’m going to give it to you straight. Lesson number two, believe nothing.

But, if you’re looking to shirk your responsibilities and you seek a savior to come along and save us all, you do not need to look very far. The world is full of men who will wrap themselves in a flag while thumping on a Bible to show you that they are holier than thou, while they rob you blind. And pretend to be doing you a favor.

There’s also plenty of man-boys wanting to play Captain save-a-ho. Because if a damsel is in distress Captain save-a-ho believes he can take advantage of your misfortune(s). Otherwise he couldn’t get a real ho to give him the time of day.

Test your partner out and see if they’re a real man or just a boy in a mans body. A real man accepts his responsibilities. So wait for him to make a mistake and see if he tries to sweep it under the rug or does he accept and admit to his mistakes or does he try to blame others? Because a real man will admit to his mistakes and will also be the one to correct them. Right?

A boy in a mans body will go through your phone and social media accounts accusing you of infidelity or worse. He is insecure and jealous of anyone and everyone. When you break up he will attempt to blackmail you with intimate photos of you two or worse. He will claim any children the two of you have together are not his. But a real man takes his time to satisfy every woman that he is with, he leaves a woman breathless and so he fears (is jealous of) no man. A real man will never betray your secrets or even suggest otherwise. 

Next lesson, when you score, make her sweat and holler (for hours) but if you can’t make her sweat or holler, drop her and find one that you can please because this one is way out of your league. See, real men don’t chase women around, women chase us around.


We were taught that we could fall in love the first time we lay eyes on someone, right? ‘Love at first sight.’ That’s what they say, but how is that love, if you know nothing at all about this person? It’s not love at all, it’s really just lust. And training you that lust is love has kept the truth from you, has kept real happiness and real love out of your reach. Even sex education is non existent in America but what excuse do our parents possibly have? They’d rather have us learn about sex in the streets? They’re too stupid? Too lazy? It gets worse because the religious right make up outrageous claims about sex education at school so that kids can’t even find out or get the truth anywhere and end up learning about sex through pornography. Christianity strikes again to keep us all stupid and ignorant of something as simple as our own bodies. God bless America, ya’ll.


By the end of the 11th, and throughout the 12th centuries, when the poets of southern France invented ‘l’amour courtois’ (courtly love), love emerged as an essential theme in the relationships between men and women. Courtly love was a brand new, even revolutionary idea, that was opposed to marriage and its sacrament. With this conception, true love only existed in a chaste form and was not linked to marriage, because marriage was only the glorification and sanctification of a physical and ordinary love. In his famous thesis dedicated to the myth of love, Denis de Rougemont (1939) showed that chivalrous love towards a noble lady is mainly symbolic. This Lady in thoughts represents the spiritual and angelic part of the human being, the true self. In this way, the stories and characters in early novels such as Tristan and Iseult merely reflect man’s adventure in the conquest of his own soul.

This spiritual heresy was hidden under the appearance of gallantry and romantic love. The deep meaning of these early novels progressively faded and the myth of love generalized so as to become a requirement that should be fulfilled at all times. The statistics of divorce nowadays are the consequence of this omnipresent myth that has become a veritable tyranny of feelings: love is owed to everyone and is expected at all times. Everyone claims the right to a love similar to that seen in movies and novels, yet this is only a pale reflection of the initial myth whose meaning has now been lost. Everyone lives with the nostalgia of the perfect love, the wonderful ‘happy ever after’ love that continually eludes us because we have forgotten that true love is primarily found within ourselves.

Trust no one and believe nothing. And if you think that’s a joke, test it out and I’ll bet you that your own homies will fuck your girlfriend behind your back, steal your sack (drugs) and not think nothing of it.

Turn the baby cam on and leave your homie alone with your girl while you go to the bathroom or whatever and I bet you that ten times out of ten your own homeboys are trying to fuck your bitch behind your back. And if neither one tells you about it they should both go. You don’t need a dirty ho or a backstabbing bro.

Most people that I meet in America do as they are told, they go to work, they go to school and they go shopping. They do whatever they are told because they have no brains of their own and are in fact, just drones (squares). This is very simple to verify as they constantly parrot what the talking heads (MSM) brainwash them to believe but ask them to explain their own beliefs and they can not. All they are ever capable of doing is repeating the talking points they are given (consume and regurgitate).

Most people reading this are just squares (drones) who will never even commit a crime. To them, coloring in the lines means a pain free existence. But I’ve seen how they live and I wouldn’t call that pain free. Living boring, trifling lives isn’t for everyone and a lot of people don’t mind coloring a little bit out of the lines as long as there is no pain. Once they get caught they will simply sing like a bird (snitch) trying to avoid any pain. Which is also why they have no character. Because it is the pain, the grief and the sorrow that made us soldiers (men) in the first place. We don’t run from any of life’s miseries instead we embrace them. Painful memories are not to be drunk away or used as a crutch for the remainder of our days but are in fact what makes us stronger than who we use to be. Just like metal is only refined by fire.

Lesson number four, no matter how much we may want to, no one can change the past. It is only the present that we have any control over. And even in the present the only thing that we really have any control over, is how we react to the bad, the good and the ugly that is life. And either you learn to love life, the ups and the downs or you will be miserable forever. But that choice is always yours to make. Hope you’ve made the right one and can find that happiness comes from within not from without.


Lames love to talk tough and some people are dumb enough to fall for that dumb shit. But that’s on you. If you’re a real G and you still can’t tell the difference than you shouldn’t even be in the Game, in the first place, right? Girls, not women, like to date ‘bad boys’ but some girls can’t even handle dating a bad boy and so they date a fake bad boy. Because if you’re a fake/plastic female than fake is all that you can handle, anyways. Right? Just don’t get it twisted and think that you’re dating a real man because chances are you couldn’t even handle the ride (lifestyle).

And, do not get confused because if your only choice was between a drone and a bad boy, you’d pick the bad boy too. Because drones are boring while a real bad boy is spontaneous and adventurous. A fake bad boy is just a drone in a bad boy costume.

When you do get tired of dating boys (in men’s bodies) as all women do and are ready to step up to a real man you’ll have to do some serious searching because there simply aren’t any around any more. Real men are a rare breed just like finding a real woman, they are made, they are not born that way.

Men (boys in men’s bodies) don’t understand this and think that the woman should be the teacher which always leads to misery and disappointment. After all, women are looking for a man not a boy who needs to be potty trained and home schooled.

Just because you ride a motorcycle does not make you a tough guy or cool. Drugs and or alcohol won’t make a nerd cool either. Tattoos prove nothing except that you have a lot of time and money to waste that you don’t know what to do with. And while tats and a hog may be enough to get you into some dumb broads pants you’re still a lame in my book. You can’t drink without puking, you see some cleavage and are ready to come out of pocket, you’re a fake ass trick that will run if I say ‘boo’. Sorry but possessions are not what makes someone cool, you could spend all the money in the world and still be a lame. Now you can take this personal, you can get emotional and you can kick rocks or you can stay and learn some Game. You decide, ride or die, what’s it going to be?

A real man is not afraid of violence but will only employ violence to defend the weak and not to force his will on others or out of his anger. Real men don’t beat up on those that they claim to love or those who can not defend themselves. Real men don’t have violent outburst because they remain in control of their emotions and their bodies. Only someone who is weak and immature loses control or loses their temper.

Next lesson, real talk, if you come out-of-pocket you will get your ass whopped. A partner in crime will always hold their own (pay their own way). Lames though only date strawberries who smoke up their profits and pinch their sack when nobodies looking.

What’s the truth about police brutality?


What isn’t being told is that police officers have a higher domestic violence rate than any known profession in the country.

In families of police officers, domestic violence is two-to-four times more likely than in the general population — from stalking and harassment to sexual assault and even homicide. As the National Center for Women and Policing notes, two studies have found that at least 40% of police officer families experience domestic violence, in contrast to 10% of families in the general population. Continue reading

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Next lesson, if a cop goes home and beats up on his own wife and kids and his coworkers are okay with it and even cover for him than what chance does someone like me, who the cop believes is a criminal, possibly have? And yet Christian Americans hold rallies and raise money for police rapist, murderers and abusers while conducting smear campaigns against the victims, right? God bless America, ya’ll.

Don’t be like the police, don’t lie, be a real man and fess up, unless it’s the police asking the questions, then plead the fifth. Take it to the grave.

Real criminals never have anything to say and I don’t mean just to the police, either. See here, a real criminal won’t let his right hand know what his left hand is doing because it is only those closest to you, who know your secrets, who can give them away or worse, rat you off.

I’m not a socialist or a communist or a capitalist either. If that disappoints you, oh well. I was just born here and now I’m trying to make sense out of the bullshit you put me knee deep in.

Lesson number seven, here’s something they won’t teach you in class, did you know that in America it is socialism for the already wealthy but capitalism for the poor? It’s true. For instance, profitable multinational corporations receive three times as much welfare from the federal government as poor people do. Think about that for a second, profitable corporations get $170b in handouts each year from our taxes.

Now that’s a hell of a system, where the rich can steal from the poor and get away with it.

Crooks and criminals come in all shapes and economic backgrounds.

Society and the law have made drug users criminals but they’re not really criminals. I can say this with absolute certainty because drug users have no code. Real criminals live by a code or set of rules that can’t be broken without consequences. Drug users live by no such code. For instance, drug users are notorious snitches because they need their next fix and without it will get sick. And tweekers, even in police custody, can not shut their traps (mouths) to save their own worthless lives. Right?


Next lesson: This has created so much confusion that some people have even claimed that it is the ‘Game’ which is fucked up but I disagree. I believe it is people who live by no code that are always fucked up. So it is not the Game but the fact that you as a real criminal have allowed a lot of lames to be around you. Lames claim to be criminals because they are drug users but in reality they are not real criminals because even if they claim to live by the code they do not and their actions should speak louder than their phony words. Because nine times out of ten or even more, these lames couldn’t even name you one rule of the Game, right? So how could they possibly live by the code when they don’t even know what the rules are?

Test your homies out and see how many of the ten rules they can name (see rules below).

But really who’s fault is this? If you allow these lames around you and accept them as real criminals than you really have no one to blame but yourself, right? So how do you possibly know that you are dealing with the real McCoy and not some phony fake ass bitch? It’s really not that difficult once you know what you are looking for.

And remember that as a real criminal it is up to you to teach these wannabes (lames) the rules to the Game and not be like our elders. This is our responsibility. When we fail to correct bad behavior it is now on us, not just the one who committed it. Until we show them the error of their ways, we are guilty too. If you do not put your foot down and instead let things slide you really can’t complain. It is up to us to show the young bloods what is right and what is not. And if we fail we really have no one to blame but ourselves. Right?

So how do you know the difference? It’s really very simple, actually. If someone doesn’t live by the code it is easy to spot the fakes and the lames. First, test them out. The very people who claim to have your back will also be the very ones who are stealing from you. So, test them out. Drop your wallet (a few dollars) or a sack (drugs) or anything and pretend not to notice and then excuse yourself. Now leave the room and claim you are going to the bathroom and I bet that what you dropped will be gone when you get back. This is not because the Game is fucked up though, this is because your homies are fucked up. See a real G, like myself, doesn’t steal from his own because to me, you’re family. But everyone I’ve ever met admits to stealing from their own kin (relatives) and if they steal from one another than what chance do I have? Right?

See here now, either you’re a real G and you got your own shit or your a trick ass bitch that wants whatever he ain’t got.

Gimme, gimme all day long with both hands empty and both hands out.

Yeah, I’m talking about you. See a real G, like myself will tell you straight up to your face how it is and if you don’t like it you can kick rocks because you won’t be missed. What would I miss anyways?

I’m the one who’s paying for a website to teach you what I already know and you’re the one with adblocker, right?

Lesson number nine: Knowledge is power and will give you wisdom. Wisdom will lead you to the truth and the truth shall set you free. And freedom is worth more than gold, my friends.

But Americans can not tell the difference between a real cowboy and a studio cowboy or between a real gangster and a studio gangster or between real news and fake news or between real wrestling and the WWE. I could go on but hopefully you’re getting the point. If not let me know and I’ll write/type slower for you.

We know, our parents are selfish, greedy, stupid and lazy. Based upon their past decisions they should not be trusted but medicated. It is, what it is and we can not deny the facts and sweep their mistakes under the rug any longer.

Americans love their corporate masters so much that they will line up outside for days waiting to buy whatever new, “made in China” by slave labor, crap they come out with. Fuck the rich, tax those mother fuckers.

Even though Obama and Trump both turned out to be spineless jelly fish who won’t tax the rich, you and I still can. Whenever I’m crossing a street and I see some rich kid with his brand new iPhone and Nike’s I stick my leg out and trip him up, oh, yes I do. What the fuck is he going to do about it? Cry, fuck him, who cares, tax the rich. Don’t be a big pussy like Obama and Trump, the rich have been fucking us and our families over by shipping our jobs overseas and buying off our political system. Grow some balls and tax the rich wherever you find them.

If you are a criminal because you can not work and/or because you have a drug habit to supply than learning and living by a code is the least of your worries, right? Why is that? Because you’re trying to put food on your plate without a job. That’s why. My advice to you then would be, do not talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk. Because, if you do talk the talk without walking the walk then you should also expect someone like me to put a foot up your ass until you get it right. And when you do get it right, don’t forget to thank someone like me for having been nice enough to put their foot in your ass and not allow you to just keep being an ass (making the same mistakes over and over).

More than likely though the young punk you’re trying to set straight and share a life time of experiences with will only resent you for it and tell you that they know more than you do even though they’re still wet behind the ears and don’t have a clue. 

Next lesson: But what did I mean by soldier? I mean that you and me are obviously in a war. It is not a war of our making or choosing. We did not declare a war upon ourselves or upon our own government. But someone is claiming that they will lock you and/or me into a cage with rapist and murderers to protect us from ourselves so that we don’t hurt ourselves while doing drugs. Right? All of the people that I have ever met in this retched country are spineless jellyfish who want to do their drugs in a closet and then just hope that no one catches them. They act like the tricks that buy prostitutes because drug users are not real criminals. They are just fake ass bitches who have no code and no honor, just like a trick/square.

People in America have no idea what honor is. Even when Christians are serving in the Marines they are not honor bound because white trash is not honorable (this is why Marines can rape one another and get away with it) . The Japanese on the other hand will fall on their own sword if they dishonor their family though, right? You won’t ever see anything like that in America because Christians have no honor. There’s nothing honorable about raping and plundering the whole world over while claiming to be doing everyone a favor.

Lesson eleven: The Game is between us and the police, like a cat and a mouse. The deck is stacked against us in that you and me have no real access to our elected officials but lobbyist do, huh? Lobbyist were at the Congressional baseball practice when a gun man opened fire, right? Cops may be in our hoods up-to-no-good but in reality cops only write tickets and it is the politicians who write the laws. Don’t get confused or allow yourself to become divided and conquered because both parties are corrupt and the lobbyist working for corporate America and special interest control the law making process for pure profit.

Next lesson: Violent cops is what your politicians and the corporations want. They are outnumbered and outgunned and they fear us. Oh yes they do. So the point of violent out-of-control cops is to make you fear the law and to be a reminder to, not get out of line. Just be a good little drone and do as you are told or catch a beat down.

In America it’s all about the profits, no one cares about the people. So like a cat and a mouse we play this Game. We don’t jack or hustle from one another, we only pinch from the rich, we only tax the rich and make them pay for their crimes. You’d have to be a special kind of stupid to really believe that the very system which threw us under a bus will now allow us to vote ourselves out of the very mess which they created.

I’d never steal your little change or your big screen. Stealing from the people is purely prohibited, I only steal from multinational corporations who respect no country and no laws. And when I steal I turn around and sell the stolen goods below wholesale with proceeds going to the poor. See you can be a hood rat or you can be Robin Hood but that choice is always yours to make.

Next lesson: What did American industries do when domestic slavery became illegal and too costly? American industries shut down and moved overseas but only to countries where they could take advantage of child slave labor and ‘free trade’ which allowed them to avoid paying their fair share or any taxes at all. While they laughed all the way to their offshore bank accounts. That’s not democracy that’s real talk.

It’s not the result of mysterious global forces, or technology, or China, or structural problems concerning the skills and education of our workforce. Rather, it is the direct result of policy choices made by Democrats and Republicans alike.

The U.S. policy (includes tax policy, financial deregulation, trade policy, anti-labor policy, and much more.) for the past 50 years has been aggressively dedicated to shifting income share away from the poor and middle class and into the pockets of the already rich.

Crooks and criminals come in all shapes and economic backgrounds.


Lesson fourteen: Don’t believe whatever someone tells you because talk is cheap and your life and your liberty are worth more than gold. So before you do a big/real job (crime) with someone, test them out first. Don’t tell them that “this is only test.” Instead, tell them that this is it, the real deal. So that way, while you’re on this bogus/small job that carries no penalties you can see how this person is going to react and act when it’s all said and done before you take them on the real heist that carries some real time (jail).

Chances are they want you to do the crime and the time but they want all of the profits for themselves. Better to find this kind of stuff out on a small job than on a big one, right?

There are people who drink socially but that’s all. And then there are people who drink from the time that they wake up to the time that they go to bed, right? Drugs are no different. Some people actually do drugs just to get high and have a good time and they never become addicted. Do you know what the difference is? The people who do not become addicts had the love and support that kids need to grow and to be healthy. While the addict was ten times out of ten, abused, physically, mentally or even sexually as a child or simply neglected. Those are the only things that ever cause someone to (self-medicate) become an addict. It is not from a lack of self control as we are constantly being brainwashed to believe like about food and fat people. (Don’t take my word for it though, ask anyone you know what their childhood was like and that will always be the determining factor as to whether they are sober or a junkie.) And in our so-called Christian society we blame the victims because that is easy and alleviates our responsibilities. Without drugs or alcohol the addict can not function in civil society and will end up at a psychiatric ward being force fed legal drugs that will make them drool on themselves and forget their own name. That is how Christians treat one another. Because if you can just blame the victim then your own responsibility as a human being can be averted.

Next lesson: And, what is your responsibility in a Christian society? If you saw someone in so much pain that they needed to get high and or drunk to get through the day, you should show them unconditional love so that they can get better and stop suffering. Instead, Christians will throw you into a steel cage and claim to be doing you some kind of favor. With friends like that you won’t need any enemies, though, will you!

American Christians always act shocked whenever there’s another mass shooting don’t they? But I’m always shocked that there aren’t more mass shootings with how Christians in America treat one another, aren’t you?

You’ve filled all of these poor little kids heads full of so many lies that they don’t even know what to think any more.

Lesson sixteen: Marijuana is not alcohol or tobacco nor does marijuana act like or have any of the same properties or effects as alcohol or tobacco but Christians would love to confuse you. Wouldn’t they? Why do you suppose that is? It must be because they are either too stupid or too lazy to get the facts or even worse, because they have a vested interest. Once someone has lied to you it is only right not to trust a word that comes out of their mouths and to question everything they have already said.

My personal policy has always been the same, if you can not handle the truth you know where the door is. Because, while it takes a long time to build trust in someone, it only takes one little white lie to destroy that trust forever. I also hope that you are not lazy and stupid like our parents were and that you have a search engine and that you also know how to use it to look up and confirm or refute what I am telling you. I hope that I am not wasting my time on the feeble minded, who believe everything and anything.

Capitalism isn’t really a monetary system it’s just a legal system that’s sole purpose is to steal from the poor to give to the rich. Rape and plunder the whole world over because the white man wants more for himself and less for everyone else. 

It’s one game after another with you rich cock suckers, but the people are tired of jumping through your hoops to get the same nothing.

Stay loud about this! Tell everyone you know. Keep posting on social media. Post actual fliers and signs around your town.

I know it’s exhausting. I know it can feel hopeless. Don’t let anyone convince you that you aren’t making a difference. Any action, no matter how small is always better than nothing. Don’t be the person who sat by and did nothing. Let’s get to work.

Speak up! Plaster articles on all your social media. Talk to everyone you come into contact with. Tell your friends, family and neighbors to get involved.

Donate your time and money to organizations who are fighting the “good fight.”

Christians are just hypocrites. And drug users aren’t criminals but are simply abused children who, as adults have not found any other way to cope. They are simply self medicating since psych care in this country is abysmal. Kids have a lot of access to drugs and alcohol to dull and numb the pain from years of abuse (by their Christian parents) but absolutely no access to psychologist (as teenagers). Even as an adult, psych care is not readily available or even competent. If your own kids are grown and are not happy, healthy, productive adults than you only have yourself to blame. They weren’t born that way, you know. Take some responsibility and man up for a change.

THIS IS YOUR BRAIN (use it or lose it)

Once upon a time, cocaine and heroin were perfectly legal. So, if your kid had a toothache you might go to the drug store (pharmacist) and buy some cocaine to put on your kids gums. People did not do this to get their child high but because cocaine is a local anesthetic. Coca-cola was also originally made with cocaine.

They claim that cocaine and heroin are hard (dangerous) drugs and as such, made them illegal. But if cocaine was really a dangerous/hard drug, wouldn’t they make a cocaine light? Instead they made a cocaine concentrate and called it crack cocaine because cocaine by itself was not strong enough. Heroin is being replaced by (China white and) fentanyl, right? Which are what, a hundred times stronger than actual heroin. And heroin is also called/sold-as hydrocordone and OxyContin and legally prescribed by doctors as pain medicine and available at any pharmacy or drug store. Right?

When drug companies saw the immense profits to be made from sick and desperate people they realized that marijuana had the potential to wipe out a lot of those profits. Since marijuana could treat a wide range of ailments from insomnia to depression to cancer and more, without causing any lethal side effects that their drugs caused and that marijuana could be grown in all 50 states for free, there was simply no way to compete. And so then, the war on drugs was invented (born).


Anyone caught growing, carrying, transporting, selling or even holding the smallest amounts of marijuana (cocaine or heroin) would receive the harshest penalties available and if the courts refused to impose those draconian punishments the federal government would tie the hands of that branch of government and impose mandatory sentencing (guidelines). Which had the effect of giving non-violent criminals (drug users) more time (jail/incarceration) than rapist and murderers.


This new war on drugs turned non criminals into criminals because they used drugs, which were now, all of a sudden, illegal. But if that was not bad enough, employers began to drug test employees and new hires, while simultaneously conducting background checks. So that even if you did pass a drug test any past felonies for drugs will also keep you from gainful employment which will force you to commit criminal acts to support yourself and to feed the monkey on your back. Which to me, sounds a lot like a self fulfilling prophecy since without the illegality premium drugs would trade for their actual worth, which isn’t very much. Just like moonshine, it was only profitable due to prohibition. Once prohibition ended so did moonshine and drive-by shootings by moon-shiners. Right?

But in America it’s all about the profits, no one cares about the people.


I. Thou shall not snitch. II. Thou shall not infiltrate. III. Thou shall not perpetrate. IV. Thou shall not playa hate. V. Thou shall not hoe trust. VI. Thou shall not hoe say. VII. Thou shall not pay a trick. VIII. Thou shall not disrespect the game. IX. Thou shall not be broke. X. Thou shall not be without their necessities.

“You could be smart, aggressive, articulate, indeed persuasive, but if you are not honest, your reputation will suffer,” Robert Mueller said. “And once lost, a good reputation can never, ever be regained. The saying goes: If you have integrity, nothing else matters, and if you do not have integrity, nothing else matters.”

FACT: Drunk driving kills 28 people a day in America, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Studies have not found similar results for driving while high, and it’s not even clear that marijuana even increases the number of traffic accidents.

MYTH: Smoking pot is much worse for your lungs than smoking cigarettes.

FACT: A 2012 study on marijuana’s effects on the lungs came up with this conclusion: “Occasional and low cumulative marijuana use was not associated with adverse effects on pulmonary function.”

MYTH: Marijuana has no medicinal value.

FACT: The reality is that cannabis is something of a wonder drug. The majority of American medical doctors think marijuana should be legal according to WebMD survey reported in April—and with good reason. It alleviates symptoms related to chemotherapy, AIDS, certain cancers and especially glaucoma. Marijuana’s ability to help people with certain debilitating seizure disorders inspired a number of mostly conservative states to adopt (highly restrictive) medical cannabis laws.

Last lesson: The pharmaceutical and health products industry spend more than $1.6 billion on federal lobbying, every year. Or about $1.2 million a day that Congress has been open for business. But why is marijuana illegal? The pharmaceutical and health products industry do not want to compete with a safer alternative. That grows for free in all 50 states.


American media is controlled by their advertisers and are also owned by huge multinational corporations. As an example GE (General Electric) owns NBC. And GE donated 1.1 million to GW Bush for his 2000 election campaign. This is why you must question anything that the main stream media (MSM) says, because they are obviously biased.

These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America (Business Insider)

And it’s not just the media…

Choice is an illusion as 10 companies control everything that we buy (Business Insider)

There is no conclusive proof that the CIA is physically running opium out of Afghanistan. However, it’s hard to believe that a region under full US military occupation – with guard posts and surveillance drones monitoring the mountains of Tora Bora – aren’t able to track supply routes of opium exported from the country’s various poppy farms (you know, the ones the US military are guarding).


Who’s the real welfare queens? Me or the military industrial complex? What company gets the most money from the U.S. government? The answer: the weapons maker Lockheed Martin. As the Washington Post recently reported, of its $51 billion in sales in 2017, Lockheed took in $35.2 billion from the government.

The Supreme Court opened the floodgates to help that political corruption become endemic, and impossible to overcome, or to reverse. The USA left Republicanism, and democracy, a long time ago, and moved to become a solid oligarchy, owned and controlled by corporations, with 6 corporations controlling the media and thus controlling all of the “News” and information that the public have access to, and none of them have any interest in any of that changing or reducing their profits in any way, no matter how much suffering the rest of the population has to undergo in order to maintain those profits.

I do understand your concern and its well placed. However, there’s a difference between righteous anger and pure hatred that results in repeating canards, innuendo, prevarications, ad hominem attacks, and wishes for violence and damnation.

In Luke 6:43-44 it states, “For a good tree does not bear bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. For every tree is known by its own fruit.”

In Matthew 7:1-2 it states, “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.”

What is the best way to die? To die on your feet like a man or to live on your knees like an American?

SPREAD THE WORD, one of the most effective ways to take action is to raise awareness around these issues. And it won’t cost you a dime. Simply re-post this link into your social media accounts, leave in comments and email the link to your friends.

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