China White: Fentanyl or Heroin

Heroin #4 China White. Heroin in it purest form.

China White is a term originally developed by foreign buyers in Burma/Thailand/China/etc as a way to refer to the white south east Asian heroin.

“China White” is the term given (BEFORE fentanyl was even first synthesized in the Netherlands in the mid-1960s) to so-called “No. 4 heroin” refined in southeast Asia. And it is the queen of dope, Alpha-methyl-fentanyl is the most common form of the fentanyl (which is distantly related to demerol) that has found it’s way on the streets. And, yeah, it was touted by the losers who were dealing it as “China White,” but that’s as close as it came to the real thing. Definitely, there are plenty of folks selling Fentanyl as real China White, since most junkies haven’t had china White, they can’t tell the difference for sure..

Fentanyl – “heroin without the soul” No scratching, but no profound dreams either and it’s pretty shortlasting. Plus it’s so damned potent that if someone fucks up the cut, it’s absurdly easy to take a hotshot. You usually know that there’s a big batch of alpha-methyl-fentanyl on the street because you see news stories about big clusters of ODs. In my book, there’s no real substitute for God’s Own Medicine–and that ain’t something that comes from a test tube but from the honest old poppy!

Fentanyl did NOT have the quality of Euphoria associated with China — China White feels like Heroin, perfect Heroin…To me, Fentanyl felt like a very powerful synthetic imitation of China White, but the organic smack warmth was missing—This might sound blasphemous, but Fentanyl was like Heroin without a Soul…..I’m not sure if there’s a Santa Claus, BUT there is a “China White”

And dangers of heroin itself aren’t too great, it is one of the safest drugs around. But what comes along with heroin is addiction, which can lead to Hep C, collapsed veins, irregular menstrual cycles, reduced sex drive, overdose, death. Heroin is the safest drug and the most deadly.