Call to Action: Protest Terrorist Maxine Waters

By Christopher R Rice

Get your guns and meet me at Maxine Waters place.

I hate to break the news to you right wing nut jobs but rank and file democrats do not support illegal immigration or open borders.

Open borders and illegal immigration are supported by George Soros, California farmers who refuse to pay an honest days wages and multinational corporations who bought politicians on both sides of the aisle from John McCain to Barack Obama.

The protesters do not support separating families at the border. Which is why we were told that Sarah Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant somewhere in Virginia.

But without Sanders telling the story we would have never heard about it. The truth is that Sanders was asked to leave because the staff of that establishment is mostly LGQT (gay) and Trump has said that it is legal for employers to fire people because of their sexual orientation. And is trying to get gays thrown out of the military. Which has only served to increase hate crimes all across America.

After this story broke poverty pimp Maxine Waters thought it would be good publicity to run with it and started telling anyone who would listen:

“If you see anybody from that [Trump] Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them! And you tell them that they are not welcome, anymore, anywhere”

Which is actually how we are suppose to exercise our first amendment right, no one was threatened or harmed (see video below.)

And so then some people did just that, confronted politicians at movie theaters and anywhere they could. It was gorgeous, it was democracy in motion. And it worked. Trump caved and claimed that the family separations would end. And for the record, no one was hurt.

And now you’d think that would be the end of our story but it is not.

The crazy right wing who can’t be happy with winning the White House and just enjoy their victory are instead busy looking for anything they can to throw a fit about. And start up with the death threats.

See where I’m from showing division in public is only helping our enemies and aren’t we at war? And not just with Al-Qaeda but Russia attacked our elections too, right? So to me this fighting among ourselves, in public, is, um, a lot like treason.

But then the Oath Keepers got themselves involved and called for a sustained protest against Maxine Waters- for “inciting violence“. And while there are a million reasons to protest any “career politician” this ain’t one of them.

Now had the Oath Keepers also protested Sarah Palin when she got that Congresswoman from Arizona shot in her face for running as a democrat, (see video above) this would be acceptable. But since the Oath Keepers didn’t protest Palin, this seems a bit hypocritical, doesn’t it?

From the AP: The congresswoman, an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, sparked anger among conservatives after she called on the public to “push back” on administration officials spotted in public.

The Oath Keepers called Waters a “protest terrorist inciter” and said members intended to “stand against terrorism, stand for freedom of speech and association, in support of ICE/Border Patrol as they enforce constitutional immigration laws.”

The gathering was planned for the early afternoon but police said then that authorities had been informed by Oath Keepers that the demonstration was called off.

Does anyone remember when the Oath Keepers first started? You pry don’t but it was beautiful. A group of retired and active LE and military signed a letter saying that they would disobey any order that was un Constitutional. The Oath Keepers were neither right or left they were simply for protecting and standing up for the Constitution.

Something admirable unless you see the U.S. Constitution through the eyes of a native, a woman or a slave.

Then the Oath Keepers wrote about a small handful of Antifa who had peppered sprayed and assaulted someone trying to attend a speech by the right wings favorite racist, pedophile Miko Milo whatever the fuck his name is.

Which is of course the old media trick to find the most extreme element in any group and amplify their behavior and advertise it as representative of the whole group whether that’s true or not.

None of this is really worth my time, though is it? The Oath Keepers found out that they can call for protest all day long they just couldn’t get anyone to show up. Except the counter protesters who felt embolden and stole an American flag from an unsuspecting passerby and set it on fire in front of Maxine Waters office.

And what’s worse? I got one, if you’re anything like my current girl friend you’re asking “who is Maxine Waters?”

SMH. She’s only been your Congresswoman for the last 350 years or so.

If you want a functioning Republic you should respect everyone’s rights not just the one’s you like. The Bill of Rights is more than just one amendment. And if you won’t support my right to protest why should I support your right to bear arms?

You can be divided and conquered but that hasn’t got us anywhere accept backwards.

But what do you suppose is worse than my own girl not even knowing who Maxine Waters is? I’ll tell you because personally I can not see how any American citizen can possibly respect the U.S. military, can you? The best equipped, best trained and best funded military (Americans spend ten times on our military as any other nation) in the whole world can not beat a bunch of goat herders (Al-Qaeda) who do not have an air force, a navy or even a military budget, for 17 years now.

And our only accomplishment has been to lower the price of street heroin. Heroins never been cheaper, more potent or so readily available. So where does all of the heroin come from? Afghanistan, right?

There are only two groups in Afghanistan, us (the coalition forces) and Al-Qaeda. Now if you believe the governments lies about WMD, Golf of Tolkien, and centrifuges, they also want you to believe that all of this heroin (and all other drugs) come into our country via the terrorist.

But if the terrorist can ship tons of heroin (cocaine and meth) into the U.S., every year, than the terrorist could be shipping anything into the U.S. including suitcase nukes, with that kind of money, right?

But the only terrorist attacks since 9/11 have consisted of a couple in San Bernardino with a lot of guns and a lone attacker in Florida shooting up a gay night club. This doesn’t sound like the work of a multinational drug running terrorist group, does it?

So, where does all of this heroin come from? If you’ve never heard of “the golden triangle,” or “Iran-Contra,” or “Air America” or seen the movie “Scarface,” let me explain there is only one reasonable, logical explanation.

Continue reading: C.I.A. Secrets: Afghanistan heroin

What’s worse than the C.I.A. being the real drug cartel? American Christians are footing the bill. American voters believe that the very system which threw them under a bus decades ago will now allow them the opportunity to vote ourselves out of this mess. And they actually think that a pedophile land developer from Vegas is here to save the Republic. But Trump sent 3,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan after promising us he’d fire his generals? And for what? To protect the heroin supply, that’s what.

War profiteers bleeding American taxpayers dry and for what? They did not stop the Vegas massacre, the Florida shooting, or the Boston Marathon bombing. How can anyone possibly respect the U.S. military? The U.S. military even failed to protect us on 9/11. The U.S. military is a world wide joke and the joke is on us.

Want more?

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As far as this war with Russia, of course they influenced our elections, wouldn’t you? America started this nonsense first by pouring money into the Ukraine’s elections and buying every government seat. Can you imagine if Russia did that to Mexico? I think America would annex the Gulf of Mexico the same way that Russia annexed Crimea.

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