Boycott America

By Christopher R Rice, theUnderground

Saudi Arabia is not on that TRAVEL BAN list, but the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia as was Osama bin Laden. 

That demonstrates a serious flaw in Donald Trump’s actions and that this restriction on entry has little if anything to do with protecting Americans.’

WHY DOESN’T the travel ban apply to Muslim-majority countries where Trump has business interests?

Opposes the Trump regime. You all have your reasons. Some are furious about domestic policies that lock child asylum seekers in cages. For others, it’s a foreign policy that supports Russia and denigrates allies. Maybe it’s just the man himself, who boasts of assaulting women. Or, it might even be the tariffs, sparking unnecessary trade wars that are killing jobs in the U.S. and abroad. Whatever the reason, you’re reading this because you want to hit back and hurt Trump in the only place he cares about – his wallet.

Truly disgusting and dangerous! Donald Trump spews xenophobic rants and hate speech with zero apologies.

Don’t stand by quietly while he spreads hatred across America.

Show Trump that his harmful rhetoric has tangible financial consequences by BOYCOTTING ALL TRUMP-OWNED businesses and products he’s invested in! From his Hotels and golf courses to the companies that financially benefit off Trump like: The Clorox Company, Sprint-Nextel, Groupon, and NBC Entertainment –  it’s time to hit him where it hurts!

Sign the petition and join us in this boycott today!

Hit Him Where It Hurts: Boycott Trump By TomDispatch As his polling figures sag, the chaos of his presidency increases exponentially, and the news turns ever grimmer (for him), President Trump faces growing opposition nationwide.

At the moment, the scandals seem unending.

As TomDispatch regular Mattea Kramer reports today, from boycotting businesses carrying his products to jamming the phone lines of his hotels, an expanding, if somewhat uncoordinated, set of anti-Trump organizations are focused on how to divest America of its 45th president. They are, in particular, aiming at what he undoubtedly cares most about (other, of course, than himself): his business dealings and those of his children.

The tech world has come to our rescue by offering a simple cell phone application which allows the user to quickly discern whether a company is Trump-associated or Trump-free. The app, Boycott Trump, was released on November 21.

All told, the app lists a whopping 250 businesses that have ties to the Trump family. This list includes real estate companies, retailers who sell Ivanka Trump jewelry and clothing, publicly Trump-backing businesses whose rich boardmembers have publicly endorsed the man, and more.

Their association with Trump is a giant scarlet letter that should show everyone with a moral compass that they are not worthy of our time, attention, or hard-earned money.

By Stephen Hren

Ok, so we waited to see how it would go. Ten days later, we have our answer. We, as a nation, have Stage One Fascism Cancer. I don’t think a policy of hoping it will turn out well is realistic anymore. This isn’t the same as Ronald Reagan or George W, or even Richard Nixon. It’s a whole new category of troubles. It’s time to start metaphorical chemotherapy. It’s time to starve the disease out, before the cold civil war becomes a hot one, or worse, the dystopia of our nightmares becomes a permanent reality.

Republican voters had a choice of 17 candidates last primary season. Sixteen of those ranged from decent thoughtful Americans to hold-your-noise stinky. Only one, though, threatened the sanctity and integrity of our republic, and they chose that one. They have to pay for that decision. Pain must be felt for the atrocity they have inflicted upon us, the atrocity known as Trump. If the economy grows, if jobs are created during the next four years, the potentially fatal infection that this man engenders will be seen as a “winner,” and we will be looking at four more. By that time, I can all but guarantee it will be too late. It’s time to tighten our belts and take a hard look at where we are spending our money, and how that is fueling those who support this juggernaut of lies and hatred that is undermining the very soul of our nation.

It’s time to boycott America. It’s time for everyone to boycott America, everywhere. We need everyone’s help to get us through this dark and troubling time. America runs on money. Those now in power care only about money. It’s time to take away the money. It’s literally the only way they will pay attention to us. Facts are a joke. Science is a conspiracy. Rights are for straight white males only. Our voices of protest are just annoying bugs in their ears. Only money works.

Disconnect yourself and your family as much as possible from the cesspool that is generating this plague. You already know what to do in your heart of hearts, it was just easy to get lazy in the Obama years (I certainly did). Mainstream American products, fast food, gas guzzlers, when the system is evil the products that support the system are evil. Cook at home, go on bike rides or walks with friends for entertainment, shop at the food co-op and the farmer’s markets, buy local, you know it all (remember Occupy?!), but it’s time to double-down. Try to tone down or eliminate frivolous spending. Pay down credit card debts that are keeping you on an endless treadmill and that make big banks gazillions of dollars. If this scrimping leaves you with a little bit of extra money, give it to people who help protect the vulnerable who are under attack right now, like the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club, etc.

Avoid contributing to the economies of areas that fueled Trump’s rise. Don’t visit or go on vacation there. Money creates jobs. Let me repeat: only money works. They do not care about your voting rights, the sanctity of your bodies, your freedom of expression or religion. They only care about money. We can be effective. Economics works on the margins: 2% growth is seen as good while 2% contraction is seen as awful. That’s only four percent. I live in North Carolina, and the economic boycott against our discriminatory bathroom law helped replace our Replublican governor with a Democratic one. Every little bit helps. The last thing we want is for those who voted for Trump to be rewarded for their collective assault upon us.

Chemotherapy is likened to beating a dog to get rid of the fleas. It’s an extreme measure, and I do not recommend it lightly, for the pain is causes is broad and intense. But sometimes it’s the only way forward to a cure.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is a member of Trump’s Economic & Policy Forum, which he says he took based on his “belief that by speaking up and engaging we can make a difference.”

Uber also charged less money than typical while New York taxi drivers were on strike to protest Trump’s Muslim Immigration Ban.

Its competitor Lyft, by contrast, has pledged to donate $1 million over the next four years to the American Civil Liberties Union, which successfully stopped the deportation of detained immigrants from Trump’s banned Muslim-majority countries.

Yuengling Beer
Yuengling CEO Richard Yuengling Jr publicly endorsed Trump during the election, telling Eric Trump “Our guys are behind your father. We need him in here.”

MillerCoors Chairman Peter Coors hosted a top-dollar fundraiser for the Trump campaign, the cost of attendance priced at $10,000 per couple, with VIP tickets costing $50,000.

Ultimate Fighting Championship
Ultimate Fighting Championship’s President, Dana White, spoke during the Republican National Convention in support of Trump, calling him a “loyal friend.”

Hobby Lobby
The extreme Christian CEO of Hobby Lobby David Green initially supported Marco Rubio during the Republican primary, saying Trump “scares me to death.” But he later endorsed Trump over Hillary because he was under the impression that “Clinton has made no secret she believes government interests supersede the protection of religious liberty.”

Elder Beerman
Elder Beerman currently sells Ivanka Trump’s clothing line at its stores all over the country.

Walmart sells Ivanka Trump brand shoes, clothing, and fragrances at their many stores across the country. Walmart also gave $150,000 to Trump’s inaugural committee and sponsored a ball celebrating the inauguration.

Sears sells Trump home furnishings and fragrances, as well as Ivanka’s shoes and clothing lines. Trump’s pick for the secretary of Treasury, former Goldman Sachs executive Steve Mnuchin, was also on the board of director’s at the struggling retail outlet.

Zappos sells Ivanka Trump’s shoes, clothing, and handbags.
By contrast, Zappos’ competitor removed Ivanka Trump’s shoes from its inventory following mass boycotts, telling its customers that “your voices have been heard.”
Overstock founder Patrick Byrne was actually a Gary Johnson supporter, even bankrolling the pro-Johnson documentary Rigged 2016. But his outlet continues to sell Ivanka Trump shoes and clothing. 

Activists in the UK also called for a boycott of US products. ‘The whole world needs to send a very clear message to Donald Trump that what he is doing is simply unacceptable,’ said Adam Poole.

Boycott US products is perhaps the only way the world can make Trump listen and realize that what he is doing is simply not acceptable.

Mr Poole said: ‘Given Trump and his (business) background, a boycott seems an appropriate method of getting the point across that his actions are beyond the bounds of what are acceptable (they are frankly disgraceful) and possibly the only means of protesting that might actually get that through to him.

‘With a little thought you could come up with alternatives to most things – Samsung phones instead of Apple, VW cars instead of Ford, holidays in Cancun instead of Florida to name a few.’

Scott Gilmore has an extensive resume working as a diplomat, having served as a political officer for Global Affairs Canada, for the United Nations’ Office of the National Security Advisor, and as the Deputy Director for Asia for Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Writing for McLean’s Magazine, Gilmore has written about the need to bypass normal diplomacy when dealing with Trump.

Publishing a call for fellow Canadians to join him in hitting Trump and his family where it hurts the most – in their pocketbooks, publishing a list of companies to boycott that are either owned by Trump and his family or ones that sell or otherwise promote Trump goods and services.

Saudi Arabia is not on that TRAVEL BAN list, but the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia as was Osama bin Laden. 

That demonstrates a serious flaw in Donald Trump’s actions and that this restriction on entry has little if anything to do with protecting Americans.’

WHY DOESN’T the travel ban apply to Muslim-majority countries where Trump has business interests? BECAUSE, TRUMP IS A BULLSHIT ARTIST and CON MAN