Boosie Badazz blames “snitching” pilot for Juice WRLD’s death

Boosie Badazz chatted with VLADTV about the recent death of Juice WRLD and he placed the blame directly on Juice’s pilot.

Allegedly, the pilot called authorities on Juice and his entourage after learning that they had firearms on the plane. Once the plane landed at Chicago’s Midway Airport, authorities searched Juice and his crew’s luggage. Juice allegedly ingested multiple unknown pills to try to hide them from the federal agents. He suffered a seizure and was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Boosie spoke about never being able to meet the late rapper and also spoke about how the pilot is a “snitch” for telling on Juice and his crew. He said, “I ain’t never get to meet Juice WRLD. I DM’d him a couple times, but I ain’t never get to meet him face-to-face.” The “Wipe Me Down” rapper said since Juice WRLD’s passing, he has learned more about him. “This dude’s had talent since middle school. Like, this dude been knew he was destined to be great,” he continued.

“I would beat that fuckin’ pilot ass.” Boosie added, “Somebody need to beat that fuckin’ pilot ass, bro. The one who told the fuckin’ people they had guns on the plane. Bitch, you shouldn’t…you the one [who] made the people come search the plane. That’s why he swallowed the shit.”

”A rat! Fuckin’ snitchin’,” the rapper said. “A worldwide fuckin’ epidemic. Snitches. Ol’ snitchin’ ass bitch driving the plane gon’ alert the authorities. You snitchin’ ass hoe. You a hoe. If you listenin’, bitch.” Boosie agreed that when the police comes, you have to get rid of any illegal substances, but said “he took too much of that shit. That shit had me pissed off!”

Boosie went on to say that people who are rich at a young age make poor decisions. “You don’t make the right decisions when you gotta lotta money and you young. That money will f*ck you up, dawg. Millions of dollars at f*ckin’ 19, 20-years-old? Bro. R.I.P. Juice WRLD. That was some f*cked up sh*t, dawg.”

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