Arizona state trooper arrested on 61 counts of sex abuse, kidnapping and harassment

PHOENIX – An Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper was arrested Tuesday on 61 criminal counts stemming from an ongoing pattern of offering leniency to women he pulled over in exchange for sexual favors, officials said.

Tremaine Jackson, a 13-year department veteran who most recently worked in the Metro Motors Division, is facing charges that include sexual abuse, attempted sexual assault, unlawful sexual conduct, sexual extortion, kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, harassment, fraud and tampering with public records, DPS officials said at a news conference Tuesday afternoon. 

“When one of our own betrays public trust or breaks the law, we respond swiftly and without regret,” said the DPS director, Col. Frank Milstead.

Jackson, who was fired from his job, was arrested Tuesday.

Jackson initially was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in early June during a traffic stop and was placed on administrative leave, Milstead said. An investigation into Jackson’s conduct was launched immediately afterward, leading to eight other women who were victimized by Jackson, he said.

Officials believe that Jackson was giving leniency to women he stopped for traffic violations in exchange for sexual favors. He also would detain the women even if they weren’t facing any criminal offense, effectively holding them hostage, the DPS said.

Jackson also is suspected of falsifying department citations and worksheets.

Milstead did not disclose further details because the investigation is still ongoing.

Jackson was was expected to be booked into the Maricopa County Fourth Avenue Jail Tuesday.

Authorities believe there are more victims who have yet to come forward. 

“I implore anyone who has had contact with Trooper Jackson, who may have been affected by contact with him, who may have been victimized either through commentary or through physical action by Trooper Jackson, to please come forward and let us know about your inappropriate experience,” Milstead said.

The DPS hotline is (602) 223-2389. The department has also set up an online complaint form specifically for victims to get in contact with detectives, which can be found at

EDITORS NOTE: For decades the poor have reported police abuse, robbery and corruption only to fall on deaf ears. The poor in America were accused of being criminals which also meant liars by the very system which promised to ‘protect and serve’ us. We were told that we were trying to ‘game the system.’ While the super rich were allowed to rape and plunder and buy off judges and DA’s and corrupt our whole political system. And then we were told that we had no legitimate reason to protest, that black lives did not matter and that we would be run over by the super rich in the streets, fired by our bosses and blacklisted if we dared to complain. Now the cops are completely and totally out of control and are raping our daughters and our wives (see story above). The truth of the matter is that the police do not, have not and will never ‘protect and serve’ us. In reality, the police are the private army of the super rich. There is no justice in America, it’s all been a pack of lies.

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